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Service personnel not welcome in some supermarkets!

Wkdwren brought this to the attention of her shipmates on RR in the poppies thread recently which I though I would share with you. Has anyone else faced similar discrimination of this nature in the UK recently?


wkdwren said:
The country is going to the dogs it really is.

I was on my way home yesterday in combat 95s yesterday afternoon, realised I needed some milk so nipped into the supermarket. Decided to do a big shop to save me going today. I actually got asked to leave because I was upseting some woman.

What happened to comradship and pulling together as a nation?

The store in question turns out to be Sainsbury's in Chester. Their details are below...

I have removed this information as it appears that I was misinformed about the correct details of the shop involved. See thread below.


Lantern Swinger
I am totally disgusted and have told Sainsburys so!

They are looking into it at head office and I hope to see some sort of apology on here directly!


War Hero
No doubt just some little jumped up job’s worth in action, or were they just trying to make a name for themselves? Bet they were one of their so called graduate intake.

Deleted 7

It's shocking! Does that mean if I don't like the look of some poor rate security guard, I can get him kicked out?


War Hero
agree with dt....we've got a sainsbury's next door to the unit and there's not been a problem with them so far as I can remember.


War Hero
I assume they will let in a construction worker in his dirty dusty work clothes?They could take a page out of the germans book.You are not allowed to travel on Public Transport or go into food stores if wearing dirty work clothes.
I personally share DT's opinion that the action was probably taken by a shopworker with an inflated opinion of themselves. If a customer is genuinely distressed that should be handled differently, but certainly not at the expense of discriminating against another customer. Were we to tolerate this we would next be finding staff behind the counters refusing to serve customers who offend them in some other way, like women being immodestly dressed, or people with CND badges on, or other irrelevant reasons. Unfortunately the precident has been set by government appeasing the religious right and it appears, not suprisingly, that others are jumping on the proverbial bandwagon. This is a recipie for the breakdown of social cohesion! (I'm being diplomatic here).
I am completely disgusted. Come on, RR types, write a letter. EDITED TO CHANGE HISTORY. Yet another excuse to punch Jamie Oliver.....


After reading the thread Geoffrey posted on ARRSE, I've e-mailed both The Sun, and The Chester Chronicle with the story.

Has anyone contacted any other newspapers/media?



Lantern Swinger
I'd like to know what the person was actually upset about. If it was purely the sight of a uniform blaze away

If there were words traded, or some sort of incident, this may end up as a PR ND to the metatarsal

I'll be honest with you the sight of a pussers mattress in 95s (extra arrse panels no doubt) pushing a trolley full of ginsters round the booze shelves while scratching her fanny and belching would offend just about anyone

Not being cynical just require full picture (Customer, wren, sainsburys gimp) prior to getting on my high horse


Gotta confess here I did bump into her with my trolly. Not hard just didn't see her.

Also was I breaking any rules being out in uniform?

My God what have I done here?!


War Hero
Book Reviewer
What was the complaint - was she anti war, or had she suffered a loss and could'nt cope with being reminded........


Don't know the guy didnt say why. Just said I upset another customer.

Combat 95s are the green dpm uniform. Mainly worn by soliders.


I know am shocked didn't realise it was going to kick off this big!!

And there all complaining about the wrong store!
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