Service personnel at Wimbledon

What do they do? Don't get me wrong, crack on and enjoy. If you can get time off and enjoy the game happy days.

My question is are they there purely for PR or stewarding?


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In my day they were used as stewards.
My oppo used to do it.
He had to take leave but was paid Rate 1 expenses. These expenses were paid by Wimbledon I believe.
I didn't do Wimbledon when I was in the RN but I did do the first Ashes Test at Lords to use Armed Forces personnel as stewards in the early 2000's. 'Your' duties are basically showing people to their seats, making sure people aren't moving around while actual play is going on (i.e. only letting them back to their seats after trips to the bar/toilets during breaks in play) and, for Lords, ensuring only players used the relevant entrance for the indoor nets and only allowing the Armed Forces personnel access to the changing rooms we were allocated. For 5 days work (we started a day early for briefings etc and the match finished a day early) I received £440 and those taking part have to find (and pay) for their accommodation. Rig was half blues for the norm with No 1's only been worn on the day that the Queen & Prince Philip attended.
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I believe they use their own 2 weeks of leave and they steward/marshall
Yep. One of our lads is doing it now. I'll ask him what he actually did when he gets back. I only approved it on the proviso that he got me a set of Ana Ivanovic's pants so he better not have let me down.
I was a Wimbledon seatng steward in 1980 and 1981. The first time was at the end of R.Mech's course and because I was 'additional' I could be spared so I didn't have to take leave and I saw Borg win his final title at SW19. The following year I was complement and had to take leave and I saw JPM win his first title.

I'm sure that it is different now but there was a manned gate allowing access to the London NZ rugby club next door, (now gone and more tennis courts built on it), where the bar was open all day and through which 'guests' could be brought in. Inevitably one or two ticket holders on me patch would not turn up and so the 'guest' could have a few hours on centre court for free. Well, when I say free I mean appreciation could be shown in many different ways.

Then it was back to sea and after that SD so the opportunity for further holidays was gone. I think, if memory serves, Wimbledon paid £19 - £20 per day back then, better than the standard pusser's overnight rate. I'm glad that I did it when I did; happy days.