Service of Remembrance

This morning at 11:00, at the Tiptoe Memorial in Blyth, we will be holding 2 minutes silence for the Submariners.

Please give a thought and a prayer to those who have been, those who are, and those who will be serving with the Submarine Service.


Thanks for that, Oppo.

The Service was well attended, and included a welcome contingent from the Blackpool and Fylde Submariners Association.

Along with those present with the Sunderland Submariners Association were a serving submariner, a representative from HMS Calliope, the Army Cadets, the Maritime Volunteer Service and the Marine Support & Training Service. Lord Ridley was also in attendance were Ronnie Campbell, MP, His Worship, the Mayor of Blyth and the Mayoress, the Deputy Mayor and her Companion, and members of the public who always turn out in force to honour the Submariners, because Blyth as the premier training venue for the Service during both WW I and WWII, and many people have fond memories of those times.

The Head of the Marine Support & Training Service was presented with a 'Double Dolphin' for services to the Submariners Associations.

Many thanks again for your prayers and good wishes.


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