service numbers????


Lantern Swinger
My how things have changed, I really must be getting old, in my day D stood for Devonport, P for Portsmouth, C for Chatham and indicated the home port of the individual rating.
i.e. D123456Q
Incidentally my was D081 etc
'C' for the Divison Official Number was discontinued in approx 1961 when that division was closed. I enlisted in 62 and was issued with a 'P' number.

All service numbers were then later prefixed with 'D' followed by a check letter at the end, I believe because it went technical (?) and probably became called the Service Number.

I can't say I'm too impressed with these new 'Employee numbers' - isn't it meant to be a career ?
The next thing is you'll be called a 'Human Resource'....... :wink:



I joined in 1952. My number was prefixed by D/JX.
D was for Devonport which later changed to P when I transfered to Portsmouth.
J was for continuous service. ie. staight 12 as opposed to SS wich was for 7 and 5.
X was be cause we joined after the Invergordon mutiny which was about pay cuts to the Navy. Anyone who joined after the mutiny was on a different pay scheme. Some time in the late 50s or early 60s the X was dropped because there was nobody left who was in before the mutiny.