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Service Numbers

Its been asked on the ARRSE sight so it really should be asked here...................what number are you ie the first 3 we can tell who's salty and who's not,

Me i am a D214

MOD edit: Before posting please keep in mind PERSEC/OPSEC. No posting of anyone's full ID number! Please just post the first letter and 3 numbers. Anything more and I will edit!
Errrr, memory :(, the kit I had on the Rusty B has all long gone, I'm still working my way through the loft full of ovies and 8's though.
My rig was designed for a slimmer chap?
I could remember the pennant numbers of Ghurkha F122 and Danae F47 (had this twice with a 5 year gap) but had to look up the Leander F109 does that mean my memory has gone, or nothing exciting happened on the Leander?

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