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Service Numbers

I'm a D083. Been on pension since 1996 after 32 yrs service. 26 in the Run Silent Run Deep. Department. Gonna live long enough to get at least 32 yrs pension. Will be 87 then. Owt after that will be a bonus.

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Well done Wrecker2. Joined in 65 & joined boats in 69. Did 9 years on boats so you surpass me by a mile. I enjoyed every minute of it. Was o nnP&Os apart from 4 years on Conqueror. What boats were you on me old sundidger?
Dave. Didnt get to join my first boat, Courageous, until Jan 73. Served on that till 77. Had nearly two years ashore before joining Repulse. Left that in 83. Did one patrol on Renown & one Patrol on Resso. Spent the rest of my time in Faslane. Did 4 years on the AFD 60 amongst other things. Sadly your name is one I dont think I came across. My name is Dick Chaytor.

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Hi Dick AFD 60. That brings back memories. Sadly your name doesnrt ring any bells either, but the S/M family wad a big one! I did 4 years on Conks 70-74, 2 yrs at Dolphin Commcen & last 2 years as RS on Orpheus. What you up to these days?

Regards Dave
Dave. I do the square root of F**k All if i can get away with it. A bit of Plant Pot gardening is my most strenuous exercise. I also make it a daily chore to test the gravity of the Real Ale in my local pub, The JOLLY BREWERS in Gainsborough. Never did have job after i retired. Mind you i was 55 then.

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Nice one. Dont blame you i reached retirement age last year but am still doing 2-3 days a week (self employed) gives me a few more beer tokens. Ha ha. Lincs was my neck of the wioods. I lived @ Ancaster, near Sleaford. Gainsborough has changed a lot since I was last there
Cheers Dave
I got divorced when I was 60 and moved from Helensburgh where I had lived since 1974 and moved to Tattersall Bridge. Went to live on a Mobile Home Park. Its only a few miles from Lancaster. I used to go fishing on a biggish lake there. Just by as cross road if I remember correctly. Moved back home to Gainsborough in 2004. Now live in sheltered accommodation with my partner Judy.

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Oooops a couple of typos in there. tattersall should read Tattershall and Lancaster should read Ancaster.

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Dave when was you last in Gainsborough?. I was born here in1941 but left town in 1960 when i joined the Paras. Did nearly 2 yrs. Had to leave after breaking my landing gear for the 3rd time. Didnt like civvy street so i joined up in June 1964. You are quite right, the place has changed out of all recognition. My mother still lives here too. She will be 94 in July. Where do you live now?

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