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Service Numbers

I tend to complicate matters.

My service number starts C037 which means I should be male. However, I'm not - all female doctors who joined before 1995 (I think) were issued with male service numbers...

Causes no end of confusion.

He he he.
That's because doctors (surgeons?), male, female and others, were RN officers and not WRNS.
The prefix C just denotes pork, not gender.:smilebox:
D184 - Drake. Should have been a lower number but the story goes like this...

Got my joining up letter and showed the lads down the pub. We all planned some big to see me off and someone through out a day to match the date. Turned up at the careers office in the Bullring, Brum all set to go. The Duty P.O. asked me why I was here. I told him I was joining up today and showed him my letter etc. He asked me today's date and I told him what was on the letter to which he replied That was 'kin yesterday":laughing9:

Got my second date through - April fools day 1980

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