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The low tech ID card was a great help to me whilst in Australia. As I was only 20 and therefore not officially allowed to enter their RSL clubs(the equivalent if the British Legion Club but more like a top boozer with entertainment) until I was 21. A slight adjustment was required to get me past the "jobsworth" doormen. Seven became five without too much trouble and it was "cheers cobber".:p
that's why the reggies at collinggrad put a big red X across them:(
D067*** Andrew 28 years(13 March '62-04 April '90, then 4 more in the RAN.Enjoyed(Almost)every minute of it and would do it all over again.Up Spirits(Stand fast the Holy Ghost)


Lantern Swinger

Joined 70 passing out at Raleigh and Pembroke the parade grounds were full

went to see my son passing out Raleigh 2007 - 5 classes on that massive parade ground - sad.................

you went into a dockyard in 70s/80s and crammed with ships - now you go to Pompey and don't see any active ones - don't even start me on Chatham.......................................................
Maybe that is why its in this thread then? Basically anything to do with Navy or numbers ...or both ?
Oh dear I've confused myself now o_O
Wait its oh yes service numbers mine was
D162 then D196 and then RAN just have numbers ... 849..
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