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Service Numbers

I only ever knew red 1st & 2nd Parts of Port watch,

Green 1st & 2nd Parts of Starboard.

Some ships gave Blue to watch keepers, (Q.M's & Bosun's amigos ) and Brown to Non watch keepers like Tanky or Gunners Yeo.

I was however once given a yellow card whilst attempting to kill a member of the RAF during an interservices Rugby Football match.:toothy3:

Brown cards were also for those stalwarts of the ships company - Dusties !! ;-P

I had a Blue card for the shorebased events in my career (Lee, Pompey & Chatham), Brown was generally for my sea going days.
First issued C/J972*** the became M972**** Joined Sept. 1957
C = Chatham, J=Junior, M=Miscellaneous (Scribblers, Chefs, Dusties,
Stewards, Scablifters etc)
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