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Service Numbers

Just spent the last few hours trawling through this forum, so thought I might just add my two-penneth :)

Joined Shotley 22nd Sept '64
71 (monster) Recruitment

As it was such a big intake only spent one night (I think!) in the Annexe before moving over to the Main into the Green Mansions.

For all those asking Godfrey Dykes website gives a pretty comprehensive explanation on how Official Numbers were issued. (Sorry, tried inserting the link but it doesn't want to play) :slow:

Cheers & beers :thumbup:
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Just looked in to see how many of the old Farts who posted when this thread started are still active
as posted earlier P934 Raleigh 1953 and this after doing National service with the Army 1949 to 1951
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Jepp wits i am back, few changes in my private life but i am still the same old shitbag as i was 2/3 years ago,looking forwards to some good old fashioned shit throwing and of course the joy of really pissing orf some of the old scroats on RR,have you missed me ?,dont lie you old twat just accept it,you loved me then and you gonna love me now :)
Hei granny,Friggin hell your memorys not so bad,we called the boat "Katy" after my daughter in the UK, good to see your still around and i do hope life is being kind to you,
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