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Service Numbers

As a boy seaman my number prefix was JX as I was signed on for 12 yrs. When I reached the dizzy heights of OD I was given the option to change to 7 & 5 which I did and my prefix was changed to SSX. Don't know what CMX relates to. As Ratrat say the letter refer to the Port Div and usually you got the Port Div nearest your home address i.e. most Londoners would get Chatham so mine was C/SSX, but when I joined boats it was changed to P/SSX as that then was the Submarine Home Port

Yes Bootnecks begin with the prefix P.

Regular Bootnecks start P0 whilst RMR start P9. Or they did. knowing the routine for Pusser It will have all changed................Yet Again!!!

Joined way back in 83 as a Radar Plotter D197 and now re-badged as an AWT :( ,been a sad old fart have even taken 20E 8O

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