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Service Numbers

makes me laugh to see the new service numbers. They all start with 3000 something or other. I knew they were changing the engagement lengths but come on .....

All right - it sounded funnier in my head which is a little fuzzy now thanks to a particularly nice batch of Jamesons.

Makes it difficult to tell the difference between male and female though or come to think of it Pongo, Crab or loyal Jack. First step towards a single service perhaps ?? I wonder what the desk jockeys are up to.

scouse said:
P/O65 later L/O65 Hms St Vincent Blake 46 entry 1962

Mine was D/065 at Chatham in November 61. Question for Nutty and Jacques-le-Douste - was the (in)famous Richard Martin Stakes at the G-Spot during your time ? He always used to say by the time I joined up, he was £10 in debt, even on a Juniors pay - I can believe it ..................
Jan, Dickie Stakes was a class behind us at the G spot. Because they only had 2 JD's in his class they would join up with us for Jack Dustying. last saw him in Faslane mid 70's think he was on Renown.
Dougie Pointon had news of him at the last reunion but its not for publication!!!!
First bumped into JSA Richard Martin in Malta 63/4, I was on TROUBRIDGE, him in ST ANGELO. I know he went to RUSSELL on Derry Squadron, when I met him again, he was on REPULSE, I was on RESO, late 60s. After I left CONX in 72, he was waiting for me on DEFIANCE ! When I joined VALIANT in 74, the little bugger followed me on board as my killick after I picked up me rate, then he left to go to CHURCHILL as the POSA. I believe he worked for BaE in Saudi long after I left there, but haven't heard of him since. Pity, I thought he was a smashing lad, even if he does still owe me cash !!!!!!!!!!!! If you hear from him, let me know...

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