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Service Numbers

UncleAlbert said:
Relax drwibble
I think, but I could be wrong (I usually am) that the new numbers started at 050000 in 1959, and they kept a few back to cater for the oddballs. So good news, there`s a chance that you are indeed a woman, except of course if you were a canteen manager, in which case you could be anything.

No need to relax - I am semi-comatose due to having to go to work tonight.

I was just making the point that as a female officer my number should start with a V, however being a female MO it starts with a C.

As I said...

Causes no end of confusion.
Lifeboatbod said:
D190 Jan 81 and I do feel a sprog

P064. I would like to feel a sprog, preferably of the female gender but then a nice bit of skin, old beggars can not be choosers.

Who's turn in the barrel then.

What should be posted is the oldest serving service number!

Our Chief Stoker is a D099 and he gets called a sprog by a TG tiff upstairs!

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