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Service Numbers

D171.... 4.4.'78 Hms Raleigh, Anson 14 entry.

Phoned my Dad after the first day, in a state of shock, wanting to go home. Got told to make a go of it, otherwise I'd have no home to go back to. 8O
In the early sixities for ratings it was C - Chatham, P - Portsmouth and D - Devonport, dependent on your Base Port. With the RN's Pay and Records Office being at Haslemere

Interesting that, Sometime during the '60s the system changed,
on joining (Nov. '61) my number was P(Portsmouth Rating) 065***
changed to P065*** L (Local) and pay was transfered to H.M.S. centurian
at Gosport , where it still is.
okay folks. Here goes. I was old does that make me ?

Joined Fisgard September 1971. Completed 24 years as an MEA(M) and left in 1995.

Pension is very nice but why do the b*stAr£s tax it !!

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