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Service Numbers

Jack_Spratt said:
D/0587** - Start Date Feb 1961 - Going back some !

Some leap in numbers, I started Jan 60 at P/054 I know that numbers were block allocated to different establishments so I don't know how that would affect actual numbers issued
Four of us met on the train to Ganges and 50 years later we were still in contact with each other all living in Sydney. We crossed each other path over the years in the Navy all joining submarines and three of us joined various Masonic Lodges. Unfortunately one has since crossed the bar but three left still keep in contact. Has any one else achieved anything like this ?
dondon said:
March 1971
Anson 13 , H M S Raleigh

I started off with 120......... then we were given D (for Devonport we were informed) & a final letter. Sep 71. Tiffs were block numbered I guess & that is why Dondon has a later number. 300 tiffs in that entry biggest since the war.
Penny said:
Joined way back in 83 as a Radar Plotter D197 and now re-badged as an AWT :( ,been a sad old fart have even taken 20E 8O

You must have joined up around the same time as me shipmate, D197 also.

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