I've read this somewhere already. Did u copy and paste it? However now I'm reading it for the third time I'm wondering if it pertains to the special service engagement; the SFX837 number that is. What is a special service engagement? Or maybe I should say what could it be? He went from being a leading airman in January 1943 to petty officer in Feb 1943, could that be it? Meanwhile I have written to the lovely Mr Jeff Dykes via his website as suggested by someone else.

Yeah its a copy/paste from Jeff Dykes website, it may be that SFX837 is a book number rather than a service number but Jeff will know more than me.


You can post them normally, use the image icon next to the smiley one.
Sorry to sound dense but am not sure what u mean. They haven't posted here so there is no image icon of theirs. I was wondering if there was a way of adding them to this conversation?


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Book number refers to Ships Book number. Each ship they served upon would have allocated individuals a separate number different from their service number!!


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SB numbers may equate to PQ numbers. Every billet has a unique number that drafty uses, it tells everyone what position you're being drafted to and who you are relieving.

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