Service number prefix p/jx...

Hey there. Some time ago some very lovely people on here helped me a great deal with info about my grandad, rj McCormick. I have his service number as p/jx132913.

From a pic I posted of him in uniform the guys here said he was a stoker, and he had a leading rate anchor on his arm also. However when I've just been reading, according to the website I was on, the prefix p/jx doesn't fit that? I think grandad served from 1939 to 1944. Going to send off for service records once mum signs the consent next week... But couldn't resist asking! He got Italy, Africa and atlantic stars. And we also think he served on hms hood. All will become clear I guess! Thanks guys . Kirstie

That letter/number combination means Portsmouth/Seaman or Communicator, I think.

Would you like to add your photos again? Because of the software change, your old ones aren't visible now.

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