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Discussion in 'The Afterlife - Resettlement and Jobs' started by TattooDog, Oct 12, 2007.

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  1. For those who will be leaving the mob in the next few years, the Pensions and Veterans Agency have now put the Service Leavers Pack online.

    Normally you would get the hard copy pack 9 months before leaving, but now you can get all the info in advance.


    The pack actually makes interesting reading - Reserve liability, housing advice, discharge procedure etc
  2. Feckin typical - one of the few things on this site that is 'official' and I can't access it! Dancing naked ladies, yes; anti-Governmental policy petitions, yes; MY F'IN PENSION RIGHTS, NO!!!!!!
  3. Kurtz,

    Are you trying to get through using a MOD connection?

    If so, then it's also on the MOD AFPAA site:

  4. Cheers, TattooDog, me old mucker! Got it now.
  5. Seems an excellent idea to have it on line.
    At my completeion of service, a few pamphlets were given to me, and a suggestion of a retraining course in Yorkshire to be a storekeeper (I am an exDusty !!) by a retired three ringer !!

    My ex thought I was playing away when I told her that gem... !

    Are resettlement offices still being manned by ex Officers ?
  6. The Regional Advisors are Civil Servants (Portsmouth, Devonport & Faslane), but all the other bases have either RN, Flagship or Civil Servants.

    However, the RN now use the Careers Transition Partnership (link below) to provide the resettlement training, CV advice and job finding sites.

  7. i'm glad you put this out there as you can see below i leave the RN in just under 3 months and i've never received a service leavers pack, at least now i can see what forms i need to fill out before i go for my leaving interview with some officer i've never met the week before i go outside
  8. Don't rely on a hard copy ever turning up. Mine never did!
  9. Been out 8 months now. CTWs are 10 years behind whats happening in civvy street and careers fairs are for civvie companies to sell you training courses, and as for civvies feckin hate em - bunch of lying stealing b*astards.
    Don't let me start talking about the Veterans Agency then I really will go off on one !!!!
  10. Stan any info on outside life would be helpful.
  11. I called the JPA help line last week to enquire when my Service Leavers Pack might be making an appearance? acording to their records they had no idea that i was due to leave the RN, soon put them strait. Called them Thursday, pack arrived today Monday. JPA do get it wrong but if you talk to them in the right way things can be sorted sometimes.

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