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Discussion in 'History' started by come_the_day, Mar 2, 2006.

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  1. Of course, there aren't any in UK nowadays, but there is a popular RNH Plymouth reunion cycle (next in Sep 06 at the Holiday Inn, Plymouth) and a dedicated website for old Stonehousians.

    The Royal Hospital Haslar is the last UK hospital with current Service connections and military withdrawal is due to take place at the end of March 2007. There must be many old medics in Rum Rationland who will have an opinion (if not many!) on this situation, so here's an invitation to join the thread.
  2. Thin end of the wedge,it whats going to happen to the Haslar buildings?They cant be bulldozed cos theyre protected.Maybe they will end up like the Old RNH in Great Yarmouth,converted into over priced appartments!so much history and suffering all gone!Its bound to go pear shaped,the NHS and the MOD are just too different to be able to amalgamate.
  3. Devonport rules for me! Many happy years between ships at RNH Stonehouse. A real social family and great team spirit. Worked hard but played even harder.

    Many blasts from the past will no doubt join this thread. Although a civvy for the past 11 years I'll never forget my time in Guzz's great hospital. In comparison Derriford is the pits!!!!
  4. Apparantly Haslar has got a reprieve until 2010.
  5. Wonder what they will do with Rose Cottage ?

    Maybe the submariner who bought a cottage in Wales, also called Rose Cottage, will be interested. (Don't think he realised the connection)
  6. Not so. Military withdrawal happens 31 Mar 07.
  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    From the local news, NHS are trying to shut most of Haslar but the locals are fighting any closurers
  8. If i had a serous RTA in Gosport,i wouldnt want the trip to Cosham!ts bloody daft.They have an MOD wing in the Edith Cavell Hosp in Peterborough,the conflicts between military way of doing things v the civvy way are immense"!
  9. We'll see.
  10. Yes it's true, we are all out in March 2007 - Haslar's a bit of a ghost town already with all the main offices moved to Fort Blockhouse or QA... as for the military nurses, there's less and less of us getting drafted there each month. Haslar will become luxury flats, mark my word. It happened to The old victorian hospital in Edinburgh so it'll happen here - the only bit they can knock down is the centre block which is a hideous eyesore anyway!!! QA sucks by the way. Big time.
  11. Typical of any administration regardless of colour, they know the cost of everything and the value of nothing. Only ever been in RNH once in 1967 for a perforated ear drum, no complaints I can tell you. These days you go in hospital for an in- growing toenail and you will be lucky to escape with your life, dirty hovels that they are.
  12. It would appear that Ventress is right about a delay, but my hankering is more for when it was a purely Service hospital. My real nostalgia is, like the old Butterfield golfer's, for RNH Plymouth in the 70s and 80s. We probably weren't as good as we thought we were, but the Janners liked us much better than the competition!
  13. Was in Haslar in 1958 for six weeks with a burst appendix

    I was sick on shore -Waterlooville.-and the local Doctor was called out for me--however once he found out I was Navy they contacted someone in the Navy base and I awoke in Haslar .

    Biggest advantage was that you were being looked after by your own the ward inmates were all Navy aswell.
    Up patients did the cleaning!!

    End of an era -progress --------------vote Labour!!

    So what do the lads do now---are there still Naval Surgeons designated to areas --what do the lads do for hospital /specialist treatment ???
  14. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I had a short spell in Stonehouse? at Guz, you didn't get to spend much time in bed, funny really its now become the norm in NHS Hospitals to get people out of bed ASAP to aid their recovery. Pusser did it in the '60's but there aim was to cut back on the cleaning staff bill.
    I have memories of scattering wet tea leaves on the floor, to keep the dust down, before sweeping. The tea leaf scattering was given to a foriegn trawlerman as he had had his hand pulled through a block and couldn't manage a broom. I suppose it made him feel part of things and his English, well the obscene bits, improved whilst He was with us.
  15. Up Patients were a relic from the days of the press Gang.A matelot with a lot of time on his hands being nearly fully fit was an invitation to go on the trot.So the idea of issuing Up Patient Uniforms and setting them to work was to avoid nasty little thoughts of desertion. :lol: :lol: Jack was more than happy to help with the afternoon teas and stickies at the weekend freeing us medical staff to do other things.
  16. I only ever made it to the Sick Bay In Patients in HMS Terror.

    We were allowed to stay in bed all day if we so wished. Play cards or putting on the balcony. Go to the Armada Club (I Think its called) at night in dressing gowns and sandals to watch football and have a pint or two.

    The chap in the next bed to me was a Tiffy attached to the Malaysian Navy and was RA down JB way. He came in each day at 8 am undressed got into bed. At 4 pm got up dressed took his little case and went home. No duty watches either, must have had a brown card.

    Mind you no QARNN's for us only hairy scab-lifters.

  17. I once required a few stitches after a scuffle ashore while serving on the Nubian, I don't know who was the most pissed the Doc or me, having said that he made an excellent job of it and I never felt a thing :wink:
  18. Not so.

    NHS Hospitals with MOD Hospital Units attached:

    Derriford (Plymouth)
    QA (Portsmouth)
    Frimley Park (Surrey)
    JCUH (Middlesborough) - transferring from Northallerton
    QEH (Birmingham)

    A Pedant.
  19. I wasn't clear enough for pedants, obviously!

    RH Haslar is the last hospital in UK run by the Services. Of course the MDHUs have Service connections, tenuous though they are, but the Services merely supply personnel to be managed by the NHS.

    If, and when, the Chiefs of Staff realise just what they will lose in 2007, 8, 9 or whenever, i.e. any control over the hospital services at their disposal, maybe they will look at the pifflingly small comparative outlay and retain a Service-owned, Service-run and Service-manned secodary care asset where Service personnel of whatever hue can be treated or parented while needing treatment until fit for duty or ready for discharge. Perhaps then Service people will feel that any of their senior managers care enough about them to provide a decent standard of care among their peers.

    Service people are targets in their operationally deployed lives and do not need to be subject to that privilege courtesy of the NHS.
  20. The whole thing was a bit of a cock up, IMHO. I've heard it said that the services should have retained Wroughton as it was a relatively new building, relatively central (off the M4 & not far from Brize) and didn't have any of the historical baggage that prevented the AMS from taking to Haslar. Don't get me started on the subject of 'RCDM'/MDHU(B)

    I understand that the feeling at the time was that the Service Hospitals did not offer enough clinical experience to ensure an adequate standard of training & skill maintainance for the clinical staff - this seems to be borne out by some of the stories I've heard; however, perhaps one who was there might be able to comment?

    The problem with the MDHU's is that the hospital management's priority (and the NHS is an organisation which exists to meet DoH targets, not to deliver healthcare) will always differ from that of the DMS.

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