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I am married with kids and I am applying to join but I have a question. Once I get through training I have been told I will be eligible for a house.

However, do you move every couple of years in the RM or will my base always be in the same place. The Mrs is concerned about the kids being moved all the time, I thought once I was sent to either Plymouth, Taunton or Arbroath thats where we stayed.

Is this the case or are you moved about between units?


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You will get moved every few years, what a lot of guys have done in the past is figure out where you want to live, get the family settled and then you bounce between the Units in that area and accept the commutes.

At the moment Devon would be ideal for the Plymouth, Taunton and CTC drafts.

Arbroath for 45 and Base Company and I'm not sure how Commachio are working these days.

Its not easy..

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