Service Drivers: MOD MT Policy Advice


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Service Drivers: Please be advised of a required change to procedure following a recent motor transport incident with regards to the tasking of recovery on a live running lane of a motorway or the outside lane of a dual carriage way or a vehicle in a dangerous position.

MOD MT Policy said:
If you break down in an active lane of a motorway, the outside lane of a dual carriageway or you consider your vehicle is in a dangerous position you should, in the first instance contact the police by dialling 999 or using the roadside emergency telephone.

Once you have ensured the police or Highways Agency officers are on their way, you should then contact the normal recovery number telling the MOD contractor that you have called the police because of your position.

The police/Highways Agency will secure the area and may wait for the MOD recovery contractor to arrive or they may arrange recovery themselves. If the police/Highways Agency arrange for the recovery of the casualty vehicle it will be recovered to a place of safety or to the police/Highways Agency contractors premises, you must keep the MOD contractor informed of what is happening and where they should attend your vehicle. The MOD contractor will arrange to pay any invoices/fees raised by the police/Highways Agency contractor.

Details of this notification will be displayed with MT vehicles' VUR packs.