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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by higthepig, Sep 29, 2008.

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  1. Don`t be shy, lets see who served where, and don`t come any Persec crap, I`m a Civvy.

    HMS Daedalus 31/1/56 JNA2
    HMS Gamecock 2/2/56 - 6/7/56 New entry training
    HMS Siskin 5/8/56 - 6/11/56 AH3`s Course
    HMS Nuthatch 7/11/56 - 24/2/57
    HMS Eagle 28/2/57 - 12/5/59 NA1
    HMS Condor 13/5/59 - 17/1/60
    HMS Bulwark 18/1/60 - 30/8/61
    HMS Condor 31/8/61 - 8/1/63
    HMS Ark Royal 9/1/63 - 10/2/64 800 NAS (Scimitars)
    HMS Fulmar 11/2/64 - 21/5/64
    HMS Seahawk 22/5/64 -12/6/64 Course
    HMS Fulmar 11/6/64 - 13/12/65 A/LA Ah3

    HMS Seahawk 4/1/66 - 18/5/66 AH2`s Course
    HMS Fulmar 28/4/66 - 18/5/66
    HMS Eagle 19/5/66 - 1/6/68 LA AH2
    HMS Fulmar 13/8/68 - 30/10/68
    HMS Seahawk 3110/68 -20/12/68 AH1`s Course
    HMS Fulmar 21/12/68 - 5/11/69 LA AH1
    HMS Bulwark 6/11/69 - 7/3/71 Advanced ATCO Course RAF
    Shawbury (14/12/70 -4/2/71)
    HMS Fulmar 8/3/71 - 1/10/72 A/PO - PO AH1 ATC
    HMS Osprey 2/10/72 - 26/6/73
    HMS Gannet 27/7/73 - 17/6/75 A/CPO AH1 ATC
    HMS Heron 18/6/75 - 4/1/76 CPO AH1 ATC
    HMS Nelson 7/1/76 Fort Southwick Staff of FOCAS Ass to
    Fleet Air Traffic Control Officer.
    HMS Daedalus 3/1/78 - 9/7/78 Station Fire Officer/ I/C Flight Planning.
    HMS Neptune 10/7/78 - 30/5 79
    HMS Nelson 1/6/79 EVT Course and release
    Civilian Life 3/7/79
  2. Up to now 53 people have read this post, and not one of them have served any time, or have they? what are you afraid of?
  3. OK, I'll play.

    A WAFU from birth.

    Joined Ganges in 67 as a JNAM,
    Condor - Aircraft engineer training.
    Portland 771 & AED, NAM
    Albion 848 NAS, NAM
    Portland - 772 NAM
    Portland 703 NAM
    Tartar - 829 Flight gruber NAM/LAM
    Aircrewman training - Failed
    Portland - 737 Fleet Penal Squadron, LAM
    Portland - 829 HQ
    Portland 703 Local Aircrew Training, LAM
    Portland 829 Scylla Flt , Local trained Aircrewman
    Culdrose Aircrewmans Cse - passed, (this time), LACMN
    Portland 703 Missile aimers cse, LACMN
    Portland 829 Ashanti/Tartar Flight, Missile Aimer. LACMN
    Prestwick 819 Pinging/SAR LACMN/POACMN
    Portland 829 Euryalus Flt, Missile Aimer, POACMN
    Prestwick 819 SAR POACMN
    Portland - security - Vic Gate, POACMN
    Westlands. Instructor to ROK, LACPOACMN
    Portland - Recognition Instructor, CACMN
    1992 -Portland Civvie street. Just call me Mister.

    Wipes brow.

    Married, kids left home. 1 dog, 1 car, 1 maxi scooter. No life!!!

    Oh yeah, hate current job, but it pays the bills and keeps me in Dorset.

  4. [​IMG]

    One for you Hig -------memories of Handlers Hermes 62-63

    Handler driving the gannet was a buddy of mine

    My last General Service ship----- :toilet: :toilet:

    :nemo: :nemo:
  5. ...Nearly all shore drafts - I think I did more time at sea, and I was only a weekend warrior. :thumright:

    You spent alot of time at Fulmar mate. My old man was on Scimitars at the same time as you.
  6. About 8 1/2 Years, in the seventies Carriers were disappearing fast and i was a WAFU.
  7. Aye true enough Hig

    My Dad was based at Prestwick in 1978 and had to practically demand a sea draft. He eventually got Fort Grange and only for a year. After that he had shore jobs 'till he left in '83
  8. Joined Oct 85

    Went to sea, Some air stations, few crab bases

    Last day Friday

    (Most of its a blur)

    Now working in Cambridge (Doing this at work)
  9. Think you need to re title this thread higs, its all FOO's

    But just to open it out a bit

    1979 - Raleigh
    1979 - Sultan
    1980 - Collingwood and Out


    1988 - Raleigh
    1988 - FONAC
    1989-90 Neptune
    1990-91 HMS BATTLEAXE
    1991-92 HMS GLASGOW
    1992-95 Neptune

    Only the basic dates as SCs all packed away, but in my 1st stint as Faslane i was in the UPO then off to Comclyde reg when i finished my Part IV, moved over to NTD Reg as a favour to Drafty in exchange for a swift sea draft, - which they came up with (Shock Horror, draft kept a promise, although i got a Guzz based ship rather than the Rosyth one I wanted), Jumped ship when the Wrens joined the Battleaxe (volunteered, but do not tell anyone) and was given the Draft I really wanted, a 42 out of Rosyth and then back to sunny old faslane to spend the remainder of my time in the cash office
  10. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Met a bod (Lt (SD)(AE)) in Haslar in '63 who hadn't been to sea for twenty years. Depends a bit on the skill set.
  11. Heres mine not much though
    1976 - Raliegh
    77-78 -Haslar
    79-80 Hermes
    81-83 Alacrity
    83-85- Royal Arthur
    88-90 Bristol
    90-92-INM Alverstoke
  12. 71-72 Ganges
    72 73 Collingrad
    73 73 Rothesay
    73 74 Collingrad
    74 75 Dolphin
    75 78 Onslaught

    78 - Present Citizenship.
  13. 336 Viewers, not many takers eh? Including some of those who have posted remarks, perthaps there are not as many Sailors on here as we were lead to believe, just a thought.
  14. Hig

    did it once in another place, can't be arsed to do it again, if you are that desperate you know where they are.

    Now of to the dentist.
  15. 96 - HMS Raleigh
    97 - HMS Dryad OM's Course
    97 - HMS Cambridge OM's Course
    97 - 99 HMS Glasgow (with a loaned period to Gloucester)
    99 - HMS Dryad and HMS Collingwood OM's Course
    99 - 2001 HMS Newcastle (with loaned period to Cornwall whilst on NTG2k)
    2000 - HMS Dryad Nav's Yeo Course
    2001 - 2002 RNAS Culdrose Ops Room
    2002 - Jupiter Point Boat Coxswain Course
    2002 - 2003 HMS Anglesey OPV
    2003 - Civvi
  16. Okay ive tumbled for it Hig :w00t:

    62 Hms ST Vincent
    63 Hms Ariel
    63/65 Hms Fulmar 809/736 Buccaneers
    65/67 Hms Victorious AED
    67 Hms Daedalus
    67 Hms Fulmar
    68 Hms Hermes AED
    69 Hms Seahawk
    70 Hms Osprey 771/829 sqdn Raut
    70/72 Hms Danae Aimer/aircrew
    72/74 Hms Osprey 737 Sqn
    74 Victory barracks eng/exp
  17. May-Aug 88 Raleigh
    Aug 88-Apr 91 Sultan (sea time Bristol)
    May 91-Apr 92 Sultan/SFM(P) as LMEA
    May-Dec 92 BRNC
    Jan-Aug 93 Ark Royal
    Sep 93-Aug 95 RNEC Manadon
    Sep 95-Aug 96 Plymouth Uni
    Sep 96-Jan 98 SEMC at Sultan (AMEO Gloucester & Southampton)

    Yes, I did spend my first 10 years training.

    Feb 98-Mar 00 Nottingham
    Jul 00-Jul 02 Fearless
    Aug 02-Oct 04 FTE Portsmouth
    Oct-Dec 04 ICSC(M)
    Jan 05-Jun 07 Sultan
    Jun 07-? CNR
  18. Jan - Feb 67 St. Vincent
    Feb - June 67 Pembroke
    June 67 - March 68 Warrior
    March 68 - Feb 70 Jaguar (Fantastic round the world trip)
    Feb 70 - May 72 Lochinvar ( Sweepers & Abdiel as well as Tender's Base)
    May 72 - June 74 Llandaff
    June 74 - Aug 74 Pembroke
    Aug 74 - Jan 76 Lynx

    Jan 76 Civvy Street.

    As you can see Cat Class Frigates seem to have been my thing
  19. Just to stop Higs dripping like a septic arse :thumright:
    Copied and pasted from the other place with the sweary bits removed

    Jul 78 Raleigh skin and essence 16yr old
    Sep78-May 79 Collingrad OEM's course
    May 79-Dec 80 HMS Bristol taken into the MF 2nd day onboard, very scared!! EBD happened and I became a MEM(L)
    81 Chatham RSU happy days in the Monarch
    Sep81-82 Rosyth FMG great draft for a Londoner NOT, was fun getting used to allday drinking
    May 82 Illustrious joined at Swan Hunter 10days living Rex Hotel Whitley Bay swop drafted onto Invincible for fez trip. Shit routines but a great bunch of ME's, acted the big OD for 2years never got caught. Fully paid up member of the 'stuntman drinking team'
    85-86 HMS Sussex looking after Maxton just got settled in Brighton and then got drafted to LMEM(L) course
    Oct 86-Jun 87 HMS Gloucester Gulf trip
    Jun 87-Apr 90 Sultan mechs and nuclear course drafted to boats
    90-91 HMSM Trenchant pmu'd back to general service for claustrophobia 18 months training wasted
    91-94 HMS Active still stuck in Guzz living in Gosport daughter born 93 whilst at anchor for Battle of the Atlantic Fleet Review
    Passed my CPO's board
    94-97 CSU Pompey running the Lworkshop for sweeper support
    97-99 HMS Middleton 99-00 CFM Pompey/T23 PJT Sultan
    00-01 HMS Iron Duke great ships company, Ben King top skipper, great CPO's mess
    01-02 CFM Pompey (what's an afternoon's work) Flew out to Oman to work on Illustrious crabs ****ed up so we got stuck in a hotel for 3 days during Ramadan flew home BA, dockies with us were raking in the overtime
    May 02 citizenship suprise 40th party laid on by the wife, split up and moved out 6 weeks later Still trying to finalise divorce after 6years seperation :banghead:
    Work for Siemens servicing trains shiftwork 5on 5off in Southampton, living in Gosport and can hear colours from Sultan in the back garden
    Met my partner almost 5 years ago and we are thinking of offering our trials and tribulations of the last 18months to the writers of Eastenders as a storyline!!

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