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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Rubberchicken, Nov 24, 2012.

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  1. Can anyone help me out? I've looked through the JSP and nowhere does it say if a leave period counts as part of the 3 months that you have to submit a complaint. Please help.
  2. Don't worry about that waste of trees. Some grade A c*** raised one against me after two years.
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  3. " I'm going to slap in to see some bastard about this!" This was an often heard cry during my day.[When we had real Winters and nobody locked their front doors, stupid *****!] Well does anyone know somebody who "slapped in a drip chit and won?"
  4. I should imagine that leave periods do count..after all, you are paid during this time and are therefore still in employment.
  5. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Having sat on the receiving end of 2(as a Staff member not the subject) I can tell you leave doesn't count and plenty of people submit them. Do they win - that's hard to answer, I've seen lots but the two main ones MoD 'won' both, mainly because (IMHO) there really wasn't a proper case, people seem to use them as vehicles to vent their spleen even when they've tried other avenues and been told "you're wrong/don't have a case etc" then resort to these and it seems largely because they know the huge staffwork burden it creates. At least thats the impression I got.
  6. Thanks for the advice so far guys. I think I have a case but I'm sure that's what everyone says. Two conflicting bits of info. One says it does count one says it doesn't. Now I know about the complaints cell I'll give that a try. I'll post the findings :)
  7. I would have thought that leave periods don't count in the 3 months. From what I have read its nothing to do with the fact you get paid during this period. It's about having access to the right advice from your assisting officer or legad. It doesn't specify and is a tad grey, which I'm sure is the point.
  8. Would leave, OST and an unmentionable month long clandestine OP be enough for "just and equitable" do you reckon? They are arguing over 3 days. Wouldn't mind but I submitted my annex F to my DO about a week before I ran out of time
  9. What none f that counts towards the just and equitable test?
  10. I've finally received a letter back from a solicitor (cost a penny I tell you) and it turns out that it does count and it should pass the just and equitable test. Periods of leave and busy periods imposed on you by your employer cant be counted towards a complaint deadline. where access to relevant sources of information or personnel are limited these time frames should be adjusted. In the Navy's case via the means of the "Just and equitable" clause laid down in the JSP
  11. I am not going to comment on this particular case as I don;t have the facts but. it seems to me that you went to the wrong person too late - your DO 3 days after the time limit expired. You should have gone to an EDA immediately.

    For anyone who believes that they are being harassed or have grounds for a complaint got to the qualified Equality and Diversity Advisor onboard IMMEDIATELY - it doesn't matter if you at OST or on Ops or whatever. Read the E&D noticeboard - the names will be on there. If you try to talk to an EDA and get fobbed off write it down. Help yourself a bit.

    There is no point in not following the very clear procedures then whinging about it online later.
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  12. I'm not whining about it and I didn't ask for your opinion. I was asking for help if you can't help then don't comment. As for going to the E and D advisor he was my DO. I first brought this to his attention well before the time limit and it was only submitted by the ship after the time limit. The point of putting these posts on here are to 1. Help myself by getting some info from people who may have had similar experiences and 2. Help out others whom may be after the same information. Everyone else on here gets that and have been helpful. Thanks for your input though.
  13. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Check your attitude - If you come and post openly on the internet, people will respond, you get what you ask for.

    I can only hope your attitude at work is better.

    As for your solictors' advice I'm not convinced. I still believe leave counts - after all you're free to submit a complaint during that period and can access Naval facilities/establishments in order to get information. I will check but I am convinced one of our cases asked that.
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  14. Makes you wonder how they make a living doesn't it?
  15. It's not an attitude wave dodger. I asked for help (facts) not an opinion so I didn't exactly get what I asked for did I? Your previous post was helpful so thanks for that. I have done all that sep86 has suggested and more. So the sentence help yourself doesn't really help anyone. I also said in comment #11 earlier that I had actually submitted this complaint long before the deadline so saying I submitted it late just annoys me. This is actually a pretty big deal with me at the moment. I've noticed that on here everyone likes a banter which is great and very funny. But when people are actually after help some people just like to poke holes in whatever the problem maybe and in quite a nasty way. If I was giving an opinion on something then yes poke fun and take the piss all you want as I would. When I'm genuinely looking for help "help yourself" doesn't really help does it? I was looking for someone who may have a definitive answer. If you think I'm out of order then fine. Anyway i'll leave you all to it. I'll delete my account because most of the people on here are clearly on here because they can't hold down real friends or are holding on to what was probably a very in eventful career
  16. I doubt anyone on here still knows me from my days, but I did twice. Once in Chatham, when some exchange Officer from the USN received notification from Drafty that I was being drafted to Pompey. I knew nothing about it until three ( I think) weeks before when I was contacted by the Captains Office telling me to come and sign the draft chit !!!! 8O
    When I queried it, and they eventually checked, it was found to have been signed by this USN LtCdr (and NO-ONE noticed it at Drafty that it was not my name at all !!!!!) Bloody Scribes !! :angryfire:. Bottom line was a drip - consequently refused by the DO, the Captains Office AND Drafty ....... "Oops ! mistakes happen" (no shit sherlock !!). Didn't help that I had only just gotten tied up, and she found out I was leaving ---- she thought I had kept it from her ..... cue big tantrums (VERY BIG) from SWIMBO !! Took a lot of discussion (putting it politely) before she accepted it.

    Second time was after I'd been drafted. My time was due to be up, and I requested a draft back to Chatham - Drafty's answer ? "Not enough time left to process" ... Hmmmm ??!! None too happy about this, so slapped it in - took three months, and continual presentations to DO (a FCSA - W/Off in latest parlance) and many a call to the powers that be, before it was granted. Even then, the b'stards tried to get me to sign on disgust.
    Didn't do it, left the mob, and spent more time away from home than I would have if I'd stayed in .... And I would have retired on full pensions too ......... Oh well, Cest La Vie!! :sad10:

    Now been retired 7 months - and enjoying it.:dance: No-one to answer to (except Mrs WM2) ;-)
  17. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Well, if someone came back at me with that I'd say it was attitude!

    You're more than welcome, noting that you posted on here asking for help. What does that say about you and friends?

    In any event, good luck with your case. You never know, one or two of us on here in our uneventful careers might well see it!
  18. I think you need to dry your eyes and put your toys back in the pram. You say you were looking for a definitive answer and ask for one on an informal open internet forum!

    The mind boggles to what lower deck lawyer you listened to for the original complaint, if, indeed, there really is one apart from hurt pride or that you feel you've dipped out somewhere along the line.

    If you'd got someone to give you the answer you wanted, would you use RR as a reference to support your case..

    Thought not.

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