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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Jan 14, 2013.

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  1. Since leaving the mob I have never been asked to show my Service Certificate whilst applying for or after securing a job.
    This includes West Midlands police, the Prison Service or the Ambulance service.
    In the Andrew we were oft times told that if one had the corner of your certificate cut off if discharged as SNLR, you were doomed stuffed and destined to a life of no hopery.
    Was this bogeyman spiel, or has anyone been asked to produce?
    If you are asked in today's job seeking arena, how did the outed walt on the other channel get away with it, as surely it would have recorded his medical discharge and all courses past.
    Where the official Andrew stuff finishes on mine there is a ruled line and the date written on and a stamp stating discharged, or some such. (Not at hand to look to be specific)
    Comments please.
  2. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    I was never asked for mine. Corner intact I might add. final words.. 'enrolled RFR..discharged to pension'. 3rd March 1974. I don't think that my intended employers knew that there were such things as Service certificates.
  3. Top right "This corner to be cut off, if this man is discharged with a "bad" character or with disgrace or if specially directed by the Ministry of Defence."

    Last note: "20 Sep 96 Pensioned Terminal Benefits Awarded".
  4. Disappointingly for some on here the corner on mine is exactly where it was the day the linen was made.
    The fact it has never been asked for surprised me especially by the Police and Prison service.
  5. I think you're right Rummers, it was bogeyman spiel, the same as a lot of stuff we were force fed. They told me if I kissed a girl I'd get a dose, or pregnant..........can't remember which.
  6. Well I certainly can remember the types you got a dose off.
    A lot of my customers pointed them out to me ashore.:happy2:
    And here's a thing, I ragged bagged and shagged all and anything that came along with a pulse, and I never ever caught the boat up.
    I was ashore one morning with an OS called Fanthorpe, a bloke who had been crash drafted to us from the Ursa for being a naughty boy.
    He and I were ashore in Mombasa supposedly at the dentists. He drags me down the filthiest back street this side of Nagasaki and we go two up on this beautiful virgin.
    He comes up squeezing within a day and I spent a week agonising, for nothing.:laughing7:

  7. Ahh....thats where I went wrong.........I never went with a virgin.

    Edited to add..............glad to see you got your smilies back
  8. But all of mine were virgins they told me.

    My lack of smileys and menu disappearance was down to Adobe flash player.
  9. Lack of dhobi.............and too much flash if I know you ! :bootyshake:
  10. TJP


    My virgin in Mombasa cost me a broken watch with luminous hands,was yours as expensive as mine ?
  11. My missus moans I spend more time in the bathroom than a two badge tart.
    I aint even got the excuse I'm taking a dump as the bathroom and the dunny are seperate.
    I will admit to being a tad flash, but I'm fighting it.:pottytrain2:
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  12. Back to the original question, I've never been asked to show my SC and the exact wording (as I have it in front of me) says "the corner to cut off if the man is discharged with a bad character or with disgrace or if specially directed by the MoD".

    The SC as you and I know it was discontinued in 2003, your now get a Certificate of Service (one only issued and no replacements) which has a box marked "reason for discharge", mine has pensioned written in it.

    If the walt booty never completed training I doubt he would have got the certificate and could easily say he lost it, as you can't get a second one no-one would be the wiser.
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  13. I have only been asked to produce mine once.
    That was to obtain a $100 military discount on a Queen Mary 2 cruise.

    Never needed it to obtain any job. Not even as PV for my present position. (I assumed they checked any way)
  14. Every days a school day.
    That cleared that particular thought trail for me. I did not know of the demise of the Linen SC. At one point I did a Timmy Boy (sorry Slim) and lost my SC during transient lifestyle, and applied for a copy. This came as a single sheet A4 size with a brief summary of service, was not comprehensive as to awards, courses or much else. Just start and leave dates and reason if I remember without hunting it out.
    And so Slim does not go for my throat^^ I was happily reunited with my SC when it decided to reveal itself hidden between two other documents (divorce papers) and we both live happily in a retreat on the east coast.:happy8:
  15. Lazy twat,
    Just make sure that you don't lose the important Divorce Papers:love4:
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