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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Exocet, Nov 7, 2014.

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  1. After serving 22years, aren't you supposed to get some kind of citation or certificate?
    As my followers will no doubt be aware, I served 13.5 years, then joined the Mpgs and rejoined.
    I then completed my 22years with the RN, and am now in receipt of my pension, so there is no doubt I did my time, however, because of Jpac/jpa, they will only recognise 8.5 years service. So disappointingly I did not get a citation.
    Does anyone know if it is something I should have recieved? Or have I dipped out again?
    Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. If you first left in 2006 you would have been given a Cert for your first stretch RN S 1560(Rev2/95). giving dates of Service, I think the words of advice I was given were "Don't lose it, they don't reissue them"
  3. Exo - did you get your Pee Doo, as you haven't mentioned it? I would think not, as it is for continual undetected crime as far as I know. However, I stand by to be corrected
  4. Pee doo? I've got my LS&GC gong...
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  5. Take it nobody knows then?
  6. Post 2?
  7. When did you leave to pension? There is a valedictory certificate you should have gotten but it's a relatively recent thing. Your DO should have sorted it before you left.
  8. I left in sept, I was in the recovery cell at Hms drake, the DO's there seemed to change daily, and didn't seem to give a shite about the the people in their care, so I am unsurised I wasn't taken care of. It's just now I have left, I would like to know if I am intitled to one, if so how do I go about getting it?
  9. Your valedictory certificate is a synopsis of your career and signed by the CO of your last unit so I would imagine that it will be next to impossible to get a backdated one.
  10. I had someone who worked for me, moved on to a similar situation, and got discharged without one. I got him one after he'd left by sending his details in cos I thought it was disgusting how he'd been treated at the end of 22 years. I'll look up the details at work on Mon. Do you have a sympathetic ex boss who can apply for you?
  11. Not quite. It's a generic cert signed by 2SL (I think) and can be obtained after discharge if someone still serving requests it for you.
  12. I used to work for Fost, maybe I'll drop him an email... Lol
  13. Mines a synopsis of my career (I helped write it!) and signed by the Commodore of Raleigh where I went outside from, as was everybody else's who went outside from there.

    Edited to add I've just checked mine and I was correct, it's called a Valedictory Letter, I've also got my linen SC's (prior to them being computerised) plus the discharge certificate (one only, no re-issues).
  14. The one I got for an LET was fairly generic. I didn't give any details of his career anyway. Sent his service dates to a guy at NCHQ and it turned up in post some time later.
  15. Tried to find the reference but the annexes for CH54 of BR3 are missing from the RN website.
  16. Ok, thanks for your help, I'm just tempted to email 2sl direct, see what he thinks of how people are treated. I had the best job ive ever had for my final 2 years, but still I was glad to go, getting stitched all the time, even nearlly got screwed over, over my pension, and that was AFTER seeking advice from the apparent pension specialist... I could drip on and on, but I'm not a metelot any more so I wont... Lol
  17. My copy of BR3 is out of date so no point in me cutting and pasting. I think the new version is back online though so if you can search out Part 7 Sect 2 you might find the current rules.
  18. I seem to recall it being discussed many moons ago when I served, that the origin of pee doo is French from prier dieu....Pray to god.

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