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Lantern Swinger
Joined RN (FAA) September 1965 (I was 16). After Raleigh went to Condor for Waffoo training and then on to Culdrose. Highlights include going down south in '82 for a bit of a do - got a bit wet and cold otherwise OK. Oh yeah in the late 60's went to Singers on the Rusty B. Went back in '69 to some waffoo/bootneck place near Neesoon - had a great time even went G for 11 months. I remember the "livers out" coming round for a wet on the final day of rum. I shared a cabin with a Geordy bootneck called Bill for over a year kept playing Roy Orbison records all the time, nearly drove me mad. Got offered 2OE in '87, after accepting it, asked to see the Skipper and gave him 18 mths notice, my DO went ballistic. Finally discharged on completion of 22 years December 1989 with a Chief's pension. Now living in mid France with the missus and a cellar of vino and loving it.

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