Serves the filthy sluts right!

It IS divine retribution for the Ipswichers lack of generous hospitality and failing to proffer FREE pints of lemonade shandy to HOMESICK baby matelots on Shotley Leave. There chavettes, whose great, great, grandparents wouldn't even glance at baby matelots pining for some female attention, are now forced to reflect upon their evil misdeeds.

Moral: Do to others what you want to reap yourself. :twisted: ;)


RJ :'This is clear evidence of God punishing these dirty bitches for being c0ck crazy cum guzzling fcuk sluts! Off they fcuking swan to Mexico for as much Mexican schlong as they can fcuking handle before the prostitute of a bride gets married to some unlucky cnut who doesn't know he's marrying some whore who's so toppers to the gunwhales with Mexican sperm her back teeth are Our Lord, quite rightly too in my opinion, looks down and is disgusted with their behaviour so he waves his big mad magic wand and 'Hey Presto!'......fcuking dishes out pig flu on them! Good on you God! I'm fcuking OUTRAGED!! CNUTS!!'

Do you ever draw breath ? :lol: