Serves the filthy sluts right!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by RonJeremy, May 1, 2009.

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  1. Just read this:

    This is clear evidence of God punishing these dirty bitches for being c0ck crazy cum guzzling fcuk sluts! Off they fcuking swan to Mexico for as much Mexican schlong as they can fcuking handle before the prostitute of a bride gets married to some unlucky cnut who doesn't know he's marrying some whore who's so toppers to the gunwhales with Mexican sperm her back teeth are Our Lord, quite rightly too in my opinion, looks down and is disgusted with their behaviour so he waves his big mad magic wand and 'Hey Presto!'......fcuking dishes out pig flu on them! Good on you God! I'm fcuking OUTRAGED!! CNUTS!!
  2. Good Morning RJ
  3. "There have been lots of tears and it’s been hell,†said Jenni from Ipswich, Suffolk."

    You stupid fcuking bitch get a grip, hows about a couple of days in Now Zad you cnut? Mask or no mask you're sat in the sun lashing up, not turning to and getting fcuked by fat yank college grads, everything you wanted when you booked your hen night you fcuking whore.

    I hope to god pig aids fcuks them all the slags.
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    The only tragic thing is the cnuts are making money out of selling the story, I could do with a bob or two, I might go hanging around airports kissing Mexicans.........
  5. What do you mean "might"? You've been doing that for years.
  6. I tell you what would be fcuking funny "Jenni (with an 'i' - stupid council estate ignorant chav bitch) from Ipswich"......
    If you contracted some porcine based sexually transmitted disease from some fcuking greasy wetback cnut who's been fcuking pigs on his farm and you took it home and gave it to your thick cnut fiancee. He then finds out when his c0ck starts dripping green pus and sets about you with a cricket bat and a breeze block leaving you permanently facially disfigured and in a coma for the rest of your worthless life, pissing into a bowl through a catheter and shitting in a bag. Still enraged, he returns to your hospital bed in the middle of the night and removes all your fcuking limbs with a hacksaw leaving you resembling a huge fcuking maggot.....with facial disfigurement. You fcuking WHORE!

  7. Best post in the history of RR, bar none. That even tops LukeP's parachuting Jade into Garmsir effort.
  8. ROFLMAO, R_J I sense somewhat disgruntlement to the not so fair sex here.
  9. I am somewhat disgruntled.....however, I have just eaten two pitta breads stuffed with omega 3 fish fingers ( a sort of fish finger kebab if you will) and it appears to have assuaged my anger for the moment...

    That said, I am going fishing later on and if I catch any fish I'm going to poke their fcuking eyes out with a knife and put them back so they spend the rest of their cnuting lives swimming round bumping into cnuts!
  10. RJ - I am sat here LMFAO at your last post and even your earlier ones. Fecking quality stuff.
  11. Best thread on here for awhile!! Ha don't stop on my account, you seem to be easing the pain from last night!
  12. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Cnut, the deal was keep quiet whilst I talked to max and we'd split the money. I've now got to deny swapping spit with every easy dago I've ever met, and some I'd like too.
  13. Mexico for a hen do?? The furthest I have been for one is risk of Swine flu there at least !
  14. No but risk of crabs lol
  15. Know all about that do you hun? hehe
  16. I've relatives who are from Brizzle lol
  17. Ah and so being from Cornwall, you couldnt resist some inter loving and you caught crabs of that the story? hehe
  18. I've got snags but I ain't that snaggy lol
  19. My sister Belinda,she pissed out da winda all over my bright red sombero.
    I said you stupid fat twat ,you pissed on my hat and now I dont have one to wearo!

    Aye,aye aye etc etc etc....... All sing along......
  20. Plenty of Pigs with other nob rot infections that make swine flu a breeze :p

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