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Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by fishhead, Oct 4, 2017.

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  1. Over the last couple of weeks I have been enjoying(?) variable response to my surfing on this site. One minute it is fine then suddenly it takes ages to switch to another topic or worse still I get timed out and asked to try again later. I don't think it's my aging Lappy or my search engine(Chrome) as everywhere else seems fine.
  2. I keep getting "sorry, we're trying to get back online" or words to that effect as well as the problem you're having.
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  3. yup, same.
  4. Not just me then?

    BTW, I'm using Chrome on a laptop - is this only happening on Chrome or are other browsers affected?

  5. I'm using MS Edge, same keeps happening to me.
  6. And me - here and next door.
  7. Could it be that Navy Net is no longer economic. Too few users?
  8. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ageing_Gracefully War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    There is a server issue which is affecting Arrse as well. The COs are aware and on the case. Looks like it is going to need new equipment which won't happen overnight but will soon be hunky dory again when installed.

    Money is indeed a factor and all that Rummers need to do to help out is to regularly click on a few adverts on the site. If everyone did that then the dosh would soon be rolling in for new kit.

    So to give something back to the site is just click on a few adverts a day - doesn't cost you anything.
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  9. I have to admit I use the site far less than I ever did as its morphed into a 'quasi new joiners' walk in. Mums, wannabe's and trolls. And if you make comment on the stupid questions posed your castigated.
    Site aint what it was - hence, fewer users.
  10. Quite. Hoist with its own Petard- Perhaps?
  11. True Waspie but I read the site for a laff and MOD RSS post's , suits me.
  12. Ditto
  13. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ageing_Gracefully War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    It's your site and up to you to use it if you want it to remain. If you and your mates leave then of course all that will be left are the ones you mention. Stay on, post, even if it is just to annoy @Sumo, and keep the banter going.
  14. @Waspie its an age thingy, things evolve so you need to change or give up and become old, start some threads of interest to one and all? Now that is a challenge not easily achieved, it may need forethought and work, not a normal WAFU 4 letter word:eek::D
  15. I can see the site has evolved but what the hell has age to do with it?
    Other than not being able to answer questions on what kit do they need at Raleigh and should I worry if I don't hear from my girlfriend after joining.
    I'm happy on the periphery.
  16. Only site I post on. Please don't leave me otherwise I shall have to re-activate my
    fu**ing Facebook account and, and, and, and, oh God, the horror!
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  17. HA Ha, Facebook. Nows theres a story!!!!!
    Binned that too. What a farce. A sad place for people who need to live their lives on-line!!! Try talking to real people!!!
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  18. The Facebook account I set up for my caravan got more "likes" than I did...and more friends.
    One of the reasons I set fire to it.
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  19. Get clicking on those ads for Thai Brides and Viagra folks! The server is upgrading it's opdef to A1.

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  20. Seen some kids all on media site talking to each other, whilst sat together wtf just put the device down and talk. Wife niece was having online bullying, wife says turn it off and don't look, she said she couldn't she needed to know what they were saying?
    Member of family said why were you not at my birthday, didn't get invited I say, yes you did sent invites out on faceache ? That's the problem, I don't live on faceache, try calling next time the personal touch works.
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