Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by 21_Man, Nov 15, 2008.

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  1. It does make me wonder about Lawyers sometimes.
  2. FFS, its not the lawyers. It is the law that lawyers use to do their jobs. If the law was differently drafted then they wouldn't be able to do so. Blame the pollies, blame WW2, but ultimately the responsibility does not lie with some bloke who is actually doing his job. If he did not do it properly then some other person would.
  3. The fact that Lawyers have no soul probably helps though Rosie doesn't it.
    I mean, where have we heard "If he didn't do it, then someone else would" before in recent history?
    Germany, perhaps?
  4. Who is it who drafts the law, though?

    Souless Lawyers, that's who.
  5. Laws are made by politicians.
    Unfortunately the interpretation of these laws is often unclear or so badly written that there are loopholes.
    It is these loopholes which Lawyers exploit.
    Surely it is not too much to ask of the politicians that they close loopholes when found.
  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    You miss the point Slim, quite a few pollies are of the legal profession, still with ties to lawyers outside of politics, it would hardly make sense to make laws that are air tight, no money in that is there?
  7. My belief is that they are not protecting their oppos income, but that laws are pushed through too quickly and not examined carefully enough for loopholes
  8. Slim,........ what Janner said.
  9. Lawyers will take on anything which increases their already fat bank accounts and have no morals at all. Your lot would defend an obvious child murderer if they thought the payout would be enough.

    Sorry Rosie, but lawyers make me sick with rage at times.
  10. Patrick Mercer,The tory M.P.for Newark."What the hell is the point of fighting a war to try and establish Democracy in a Tyranny".Israel is the only Democracy in the Middle East but Arab Oil seems to Legitamize all the other Tyrannies
  11. For the last 50 years we have been pouring aid into sub Sahara Africa to try and get the African population democracy. This is money wasted as sub Saharan Africa is tribal and democracy will never work until the tribal system disappears.
    Similarly we are now fighting wars and loosing lives in an effort to get the Arabs democracy, a democracy which once again is unlikely to happen.
  12. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Ah, lawyers Just doing their jobs

    You have to wonder why there are so many articles on t'internet arguing the value of their almost absolute confidentiality and lawyers' ethical position when defending their clients - when they know they are guilty! Some interesting and socially immoral concepts out there, but hey they are just doing their job using the law - which is destined to be an ass because it is impossible to predict all circumstance and is after all how they earn their living. In whose interest is it for laws to be simple with fundamental moral guidelines?
  13. So your solution? Get rid of all lawyers? Come on hun, you cannot make sweeping statements like that without making some kind of suggestion to improve the situation.
  14. Yes I can

    If I had a solution I would sing it from the rafters mate!

    The term "necessary evil" comes to mind :)
  15. Lawyers + Estate Agents = Parasite :)
  16. I'm not talking about the law that the lawyers use to do their jobs. I'm talking about some lawyers seeming not to have a conscience. Yes it maybe their job but they don't have to do certain ones.

    It just makes me wonder why certain people want to defend sick people to protect them.

    Yes I've experience with lawyers defending sick evil people.
  17. I've read the Telegraph article and am completely numb.

    How on Gods green earth can this be allowed to happen? Why don't we just release them into Iraqi custody and hope they do they right thing. If nothing else it will be cheaper and make less of a mockery of the system that the current plan like likely to.

  18. Well then I am sorry you are going to have to live with me, because I am not going to change my profession because RR disapproves on me.
  19. Don't be sorry :)
    I like having you around the place :D
    Just because I might not like your profession much, doesn't mean I don't like YOU :)

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