Seriously..would you?


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Fuck me. What a pair of ugly cunts. That geezer looks like Paul O'Grady with his wig off. As for the howler on the left, i would rather have intercourse with the corpse of Rasputin.
'She pinned him against the wall, tearing at his lusty manhood, while he cried,'No,No, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO'...... or something to that effect.

He took his kit off expecting a free MOT and got bitten.A week after she thumped him.Slight clue there.:twisted:
FFS.Is he a man or a mouse ?
If you canna swim, stay out of the water.
Aye rod-gearing is correct; so none of you apart from rod and I have ever put up a phot on the gronk-board of a conquest that makes Sinead look like a godess?
I think my brother once mentioned he's into the rough suff! Just bandage up, come back a few days later with jump leads and a car battery then see how hungry the orca is for a bit of free willy once she's had a few dozen volts toastin her manly nipples!?
Make-up sex is supposed to be better! :hump:

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