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Seriously considering becoming a RN diver


I have had numerous times in my life where I have thought about joining the Navy, but I have finally had enough of civvy life - I need a better challenge, more adventure, and a career I am proud of.

I appreciate I need excellent fitness, which I am working on!

My main question is rating or officer? I have over 180 UCAS points, so Officer is an option, but I read the diving isn't as frequent. Officer pay is obviously higher, and should the AIB feel I am capable, will set me up for a nice retirement.

What ranking could I expect to attain as a rating if I was chosen as a diver?




Forgot to mention I have taught Scuba Diving, hold certifications down to 45m with decompression, and I am buying my own rebreather soon.


I did look through several threads on MCDO, PEDA, AIB etc, but saw no mention of the ranking to aim for if I go down the ratings route.


War Hero
Unless I'm mistaken, even the bubbleheads had Leading Hands, Petty Officers, Chief Petty Officers and Warrant Officers last time I checked.

What rank can be achieved within 18 years service is down to the individual's recognised ability, dashing good looks and all-round good eggedness.


War Hero
If you want to be a diver and get in the water...join as a rating work hard, play hard, have fun, the pay is pretty good.

If you want to talk about diving and rarely get in the water, and have a host of other shitty little jobs..join as an officer.


Yes, I want to dive. Rating it is! Just trying to book some time of work to go to the local AFCO. I wish they would open on a Saturday!


And I guess it will take at least 18 months for me to get joined, so plenty of time to get 200 hours on a rebreather for 100m trimix diving...


That's a bit harsh, considering you don't know my diving ability. Where did I say I was going to skip training and experience, and dive a home build rebreather? We're you born a pro diver?
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