[SERIOUS] What Happens When Your Fiance Starts at HMS Raleigh

Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by stewkatt, Jul 4, 2012.

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  1. hi,

    i was wondering if anyone could tell me what happened to the other half when one of us is on training at HMS Raleigh. (apologies if not spelled correctly) we are engaged to be married but wanted to wait until he had fully finished his training and have a big wedding but the signed are all suggesting that unless we are married before he goes the other one isn't relevant.

    whats the difference in the way the other half is dealt with if we were married or not? Fiancially and otherwise - such as housing, rent/mortgage payments etc.

    anything Nyone could tell me would be appreciated.

  2. thank you - for an actual reply. he starts in September 30th to be exact and I'm worried about the costs until he finished training? we have a flat, bills and council tax and he takes a good wack of a cut from his current wages whilst in training? does he get anything towards his rent back home etc??
  3. Have you been able to sit down and do the arithmetic between you, stewkatt, based on his net income while at HMS Raleigh? It might work out to be more manageable than you thought.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    He needs to talk to his careers adviser pronto with regard his committed outgoings and receive qualified advice.

    The net income is around £840 per month for the first six months and if outgoings exceed more than around 50% of your combined income, then it can affect suitability for service.

    As indicated above, those eligible for SFA apply after training.
  5. hi - well as we speak he is at prnc and I have only got the jist but my job Is only 4 days a week and he will be dropping around £400 a month and money is tight as it is?
    does he got nothing towards his living back home - for instance if things didn't work out if he lived alone he would have had to give up his flat etc ??
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Pay & allowances are quite a complex issue and depend on factors such as marital status, dependant children, private rental/mortgaged accommodation, distance from base port etc., so it's really a good idea to arrange a visit to the AFCO together after PRNC, to make sure all angles are covered & hopefully to put your mind at rest.
  7. What type of an organisation do you think he is joining. Why would the navy subsidise his rent back home. He will have a roof over his head and three square meals a day. If he is taking a substantial drop in salary he needs to work out if he can afford to do so.
  8. hi, it won't affect him- it's me that will be affected and no one seems to think the other half deserve to know anything. it's all fine for those going off getting training getting their meals and accommodation but what about those who are left behind keeping the home running whilst they are away - I think this is overlooked majorly
  9. thanks- at least we have some mature people in here.
  10. all I wanted was a little info as currently i have been advised nothing. 2 years we have been waiting for this and still I know nothing. I am not interested in getting housing or having kids for housing- its just me and my partner and will stay that way- however I just wanted to know a bit more about what to have to expect to deal with whilst on my own- the other side of the country.
  11. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Stewkatt,Not meaning to sound callous, but you are not yet the spouse of someone who is not yet in the navy. I appreciate your concerns, but why would the navy go out of the way to look after you? I think you and your other half need to figure out if you can stand on your own 2 feet on basic wage alone, without thinking about any extra benefits, think of anything else that MAY come along at a later date as a bonus.
  12. StewKatt

    Something worth noting is that you will be able to join the Royal Navy's secure Community forum once he has joined - you will find that to be a good source of support:

    Members Area

    Also good for you will be the Naval Families Federation:

    NFF Home Page

    The NFF has a great magazine called Homeport - you can sign up for it now and get a copy sent to you at home - you can read it online as well, but it's nice to sign up for it and get it delivered too:

    Homeport Magazine

    There is a network which covers all of the Royal Navy bases called the HIVE network - those offices are a good source of information as well:

    NPFS Royal Navy HIVE | Royal Navy
  13. it was a question is all - as his name is on the rental contract, it's 2 persons council tax not single- hence the questions- I don't think people are actually reading what I am writing before jumping down my throat- (no jokes please) - it. was a simple question about if he gets his side of the living costs for his home whilst in training- as things may not go to plan and if it wasn't for me he would have to give up his home before he left. people on here need a reality check big time- have some respect for those around you
  14. thank you for your help and advice- its nice to know some of you aren't all idiots.
  15. stewkatt

    When your fiance gets back from the PRNC, sit down and do a little spreadsheet based on your income and outgoings and see how it all looks.

    Ninja's advice about going in to see the Careers Advisor at the AFCO is good advice - that way, you can make sure that the figures from the RN side are accurate and then you will have a better idea of how things will be financially.

    In the meantime, sign up for Homeport Magazine today; you will like it:

    Homeport Contact Form

    Oh, by the way - Rum Ration has a sister site called Rear Party - it's for Friends and Family and so on. Some of the women who post on there have partners who are at HMS Raleigh now:

    RearParty - Home
  16. Thanks for the advice
  17. Good, get the magazine and register on Rear Party too:

    RearParty - Home
  18. Ok, much as I would like to join in the "banter" I thought I'd step in at this point with a hopefully sensible answer.

    You mentioned that once your OH commences Initial Naval Training your combined income will reduce by £400. Have you considered putting £200 per month away to one side from now until he leaves his current job? This would get you both used to a reduced income. Once he joins, you can then use the cash you have saved to subsidise his new lower income by £200 per month.

    As for consideration of partners etc - I think your expectation that the Armed Forces should consider the personal circumstances of recruits and their partners are a little unrealistic. Yes, once people are in and fully trained this becomes relevant but until fully trained you cannot expect to be subsidised (not that you are once trained). If I walked out of the RN after 22 years on a salary of say £30K I could not go and work at McDonalds and ask them to contribute to my rent etc because while I'm learning to flip burgers they only pay me peanuts.

    You OH is potentially embarking on a lengthy, rewarding career. Sounds like he has your support so you should take the hit for the first year, it would be a shame to chuck it away because you're a bit skint.

    Are you going to move into Service Family Accommodation once married? Perhaps you could give up your place now if you can't afford it and lodge somewhere cheaper until you are eligible for quarters? Providing he gets through everything you're not looking at too long.
  19. Hey,

    I hadnt intended on it - seems silly - hes going into the submariners and would be away for long periods of time so we had thought I would just stay near family as both familys are with in driving distance. I wasnt expecting much but its a bit differant to leaving and working for the big M hes going away and unable to work 2 jobs etc I just wanted to know if this was a possibility due to the distance and the length of the training his will be. It wont be easy I know this - and yes to be clear he has my full support - he want to go play with shiny things that go bang - thats fine by me - Sounds great - however i just wanted to know where the other half stood.

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