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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Dubliners, Jun 25, 2008.

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  1. Greets to the RR RM community :thumright: .

    I was wondering if the experienced members could reply to a slight query I have but firstly if you bear with me I'd like to mention my motivations for seeking a bit of help and the reasons for my interest.

    I've recently come to the conclusion that there is no element involved in all the jobs I've had that has made me enthralled. There's been no job satisfaction, ever, and I've had a few decent of jobs which many people would feel perfectly happy in. But none of the job roles have made me want to consider them as a career. None have had policies that's secure my future, i.e. pension scheme etc. None have satisfied me mentally. None have pushed me, nor have they developed or improved skills I deem sources of satisfaction like for instance interpersonal or teamwork... All have been repetitive, mundane and robotic and all haven't helped or maintained my health, mental or physical (my fitness is extremely important to me) and all just simply have not had that "x-factor" (it's the only way I can describe it) I'm looking for.

    So over the past month or so I've been looking at a career with the Army. I started off looking at joining the TA and staying in employment so I could satisfy the above points I noted out. But then I read more of the British Army and Royal Marines literature. I've also checked out the online videos and haven't stopped looking at them to be honest for a few weeks. So I'm now at the point where I reckon I'm gunner scrap the P/T service crap and join for service with the RM.

    Like I said, I've read a lot of the RM literature and I've noted that a person with my education could sign up for Commando Officer. It's a very attractive job role. I've always been assertive and loved leading a team, and thrived off it.

    But there's also the Commando. The hardcore difference between the two being -which you're already aware of- that the CO LEADS.

    However, this is where the conflict for me at the moment begins. You see, in addition to requiring a job with the "x-factor", and the satisfaction both mentally and physically, I require a job which I will be praised and deeply respected for - I know, it's a little selfish on my part, but everyone has their reservations don't they. I've read that within the RM, on the field Snipers are very respected. Respected for their presence and the comfort their presence brings to the team. To me the job sounds rewarding. Though I certainly do not discount that every man on the field is just as important as the other.

    Yes, if you were to ask me if there was a particular role within the RM I'd like to do I'd say Sniper. Based on my reading it would be a personal preference. But I have a conflict of interest. As I said before about being a Commando Officer. Because you can't be a CO and be a sniper can you. So if I was serious about it, being a CO is out of the question isn't it....

    From what I've wrote, is there any words of advice or anything helpful you may be able to offer?

    Thank you for your time.
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Welcome to the site.

    I think you've already answered your question.

    If you want to be a Commando Officer in charge of a troop that has specialised personal weapons (PW3) trained snipers within it then that's about as close as you will probably get. If you go on to specialise as a mountain leader (ML Officer) you will undertake some sniper training, but would not expect to be employed specifically as a sniper at any stage as an Officer.

    If you want to be a sniper, you have to join as an Other Rank Royal Marine.

    With regard respect, you'll find Commando Officers are generally highly respected because they train virtually alongside Other Rank Commando recruits but for longer, with higher standards of physical & mental demands placed throughout the 14 month (rather than 8 month) training package.

    Good luck.
  3. I'm not entirely certain about this - I've got a very limited knowledge of the RM :D but isn't a mountain leader like a sniper? Or the train in sniping, something like that.

    I'm pretty certain that you can be a RM Mountain Leader Officer...but don't hold me to it. Check out the RM booklet thing that it sounds like you've read, it'll probably say in there.

    I could be wrong though - Ninja_Stoker definitely has more experience and stuff than me :D

    (edited for terrible grammar!)
  4. For RM OR and Officer specialisations see HERE
  5. You are academically qualified to be an officer but you seem like the type of guy who really wants to be a soldier. Lots of people join the corps as officers and leave after 4 years. It looks great on the CV i have no doubt before they become City slickers. My advice is, Think long and hard, You don't get alot of appreciation in the corps from your heirachy or peers but heaps of respect if you earn it. I would also say that if you really want to become a soldier then DON'T join as an officer. Within the ranks is where the action is at but i am sure there will be some who disagree with that. On a final note passing the RM snipers course is a really good effort but not a long term jobrole in your career. Once you have made Corporal i doubt you will be employed as a sniper again you will have other commitments. It is though an excellent course to have under your belt.
  6. I'm RN, not RM, but all the booties (OR and officers) I have dealt with have been thoroughly professional and committed to their jobs. If you want job satisfaction and the "x-factor" (as you call it), you could a lot worse than join. Join as what? That's your call, but the selection and training are not easy - far from it.
  7. Just thought though, I haven't perfect vision - I need corrective lenses for distance. If you're familiar with the acuity evaluation letter you receive from SpecSavers or Vision express, et al, (I'm not so it would be interesting to see what you reckon) in both eyes my "Cyl" is -0.25 and in my left, "Sph" is -0.75 and right is -1.00. Is that a particularly restrictive handicap for being a RM Sniper?

    I'm unsure of the acuity requirements. Aided VA is corrective to 6/5, 6/5.

    Thanks fellas.
  8. Although Ninja_Stoker seems to be the most knowledgable on such subjects, I know that you need perfect vision to be a sniper in the RN, so I dont see why the Marines' standards would be any lower. Sorry mate but it looks like you'll have to consider another role.
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Most specialisations are: RM Other Ranks VA3, Colour Perception 4


    Aircrew VA1** Colour Perception 1
    Snipers VA1** Colour Perception 3
    Landing Craft VA1** Colour Perception 2
    Swimmer Canoeists VA3** Colour Perception 3
    ** Contact lenses not permitted.

    Current Visual Acuity Standards

    Standard I (VA1)
    Visual acuity to be achieved without correcting lenses Right 6/12N5, Left 6/12N5

    Visual acuity to be achieved with correcting lenses Right 6/6N5, Left 6/6N5

    Refraction limit:
    Total hypermetropia +3.00 sphere
    Astigmatism +1.25 cyl
    Myopia (in any meridian) -0.75 sphere or cyl +3.00 sphere

    Standard 2 (VA2)

    Visual acuity to be achieved without correcting lenses Right 6/24, Left 6/36.

    Visual acuity to be achieved with correcting lenses Right 6/6N5, Left 6/9N5

    Refraction limit
    Spectacle correction (in any meridian)
    +3.00 sphere -2.50 sphere or cyl

    Standard 3 (VA3)

    Visual acuity to be achieved without correcting lenses Right 6/60, Left <6/60

    Visual acuity to be achieved with correcting lenses EITHER Right 6/6N5, Left 6/24N10 OR Right 6/9N5, Left 6/18N10 OR Right 6/12N5, 6/12N10.

    Refraction limit
    Spectacle correction (in any meridian)
    +/- 6.00 sphere or cyl

    Below VA3, unacceptable for RM or RN service.

    VA3 is the minimum acceptable standard for entry as a RM Commando.

    Optician Report (CHG31 dated 04/01/2008)

    Following an in-Service issue where a person was unable to pass the Annual Personal Weapons Test (AWPT) due to the inability to close their left eye independently, all entrants to the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, including their Reserve counterparts, must now have this physical ability checked during the entrance medical.


    Annual Personal Weapon Test

    It is a mandate that all personnel deploying to an operational theatre must have passed the Annual Personal Weapon Test (APWT). To fire an SA80 rifle effectively the user must be able to independently close the LEFT eye. As part of the Entry Medical FEMO’s are to test for the ability to close the LEFT eye independently. Those unable to do so are unfit for entry.

    Interestingly colour-blind snipers are meant to be better at picking out concealed targets.

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