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With the RN being dicked with the channel immigrant patrols.

RN to police the Channel

Does the RN have suitable craft to do the work. Do the navy still have 'River Class' for example. They would be the ideal size if they still exist!
It doesnt matter what vessels the RN deploys for this. They will have to follow the same maritime rules as the RNLI/Border Farce and collect those in danger at sea once they cross into international/UK waters.

The only way to make it work is to keep them in French waters somehow, but that would be seen as a blockade by the garlic munchers. Once the illegal immigrants are in the boats we really are stuffed for a response other than putting them on a bigger boat and repatriating them to France or driving them straight from the port to the nearest airport and flying them to the nearest safe country from where we think they came.