Serial mod? Found one in my cornflakes with Vespa and fishtail parka on.

Ha ha ha ah a ha aha ha ah ah ah ah ah ah aha haha hahhah ah ha ha ah ahhaha aha ha hahaha aha ha.



Lantern Swinger
seenoffteefcuk said:
This is a warning there is a serial moderer on the loose anyone with any clues as to there identity please post here
I bet he's best mates with the elusive turd dropping Phantom!


War Hero
Book Reviewer
yicker said:
Hey, why when I type the word ***** does a load of asterisks appear?

Has anyone else got this problem?
I have. It's driving me fucking mental. What a load of shit. Happy ****.
It's me!
Some of my best MODing is in the Gash Barge as I type, I'm selecting my next victim by random use of a print out of the membership list, a blindfold and a pin,
Standby to disappear. :twisted:

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