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  1. In most of the films we see about the USA all the kids go to high school, call dad "sir", and can all drive at 15.

    In New York I was sitting in a bar having a quiet beer and having spoken to the bar man was asked "are you Australian"?
    Well actually I am I replied how could you tell?
    Your accent he replied I have an ear for Accents.
    I have since leaving the Andrew and working on occasions in Birmingham, acquired quite a pronounced regional accent.
    I won't say Brummie, because apart from the "Black Country" which speak a language similar to English with their own words added, most of the midlands from Rugby up to Stafford have a similar accent.
    I explained my accent was in fact a regional English accent, and was then told I was blagging as he had heard the Northern English accent that the Beatles had and the Southern accent as that of the Queen and Hugh Grant.
    I then when asked explained why I had at first agreed I was an Australian, and told him under questioning a little of my linage.
    I explained my dad was a Scot.
    I was then asked which part of England Scotland was in.
    If you ever go in "Lonnie's bar" in New York and meet a cab driver who tells you emphatically that Scotland is the county next to Suffolk and Essex, you will be talking to Bret who also will tell you he once had the pleasure of meeting the Duke of Hopwas, who is thirty third in line to the Crown of both Scotland and Wales.:king:
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  2. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    I've been told I sound Aussie by several Yanks, despite having a fairly nondescript accent. I think they expect us all to talk like Lord Snooty.
  3. Define, please if you will, how Lord Snooty talks other than in speech bubbles.
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  4. You mean like David Cameron? :biggrin:
  5. Good god, please don't tell me you can't hear speach bubbles.
  6. Lord Snooty accent is by definition, one signed the upper class's in society, It is most often heard and used in HM Dockyard Devonport, or dan Union Street. Sadly with the demise of Union Street and the double dip recession, the accent is sadly dieing.
    Tthere you have it me andspring
  7. I like the one about the American flying out of Heathrow, on overpassing Windsor Castle said...............'Gee, thats dumb....building a castle so close to the airport' :tongue3:
  8. Pulled into Boston and me and a PO set off to get the mail, for some reason we are in rig, we stop at a road crossing and some septic looks the PO up and down and asks "you in band" in his best BBC voice the PO says "we are in the Royal navy" "gee" says the septic " a Navy band" something off says the PO
  9. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Lujon, you bloody pedant, you know full well what I meant! They expected us all to talk like posh twats.
  10. Sat in a restaurant in Roslyn just a short drive from NYC.
    Chap and his wife hear me speak and strike up a conversation, what you doing here, how long, where from etc.
    I said to the woman I was from Tamworth and she starts on about castles and medieval etc.
    She asks me if the castle was old, so I tell her it was built by the Normans in 1068.
    She tells me another English couple she spoke to had told her the Normans had built Warwick castle as well.
    I said they built hundreds of castles in Britain.
    She asked "were they a big family".:shock:
  11. I have a fairly plain accent, but I get Americans thinking I must have a strong regional accent because I don't have a 'plummy' accent a la David Cameron or Hugh Grant or someone. It's rather sweet, really
  12. In Detroit '65, on Tenby. Me and oppo visiting the Henry Ford museum in Dearborn. A couple of school trips were also there, and, being Detroit, they're all black kids. Coffee break time, me and said oppo in caffeteria for a quick fag and slurp, when a couple of kids come up and ask for our autographs (The Beatles had recently left town). So, we duly signed our autographs when one little kid said to me.....'Can I have your autograph for my baby brother Michael?'....'Sure', I said, and as I was signing I heard the teacher yell.............'C'mon Jackson..........or you'll miss the bus!'

    Gen dit...............sort of !
  13. I knew his brother Spearand.
    He has hands like shovels and don't give a fork. Ho ho ho.
  14. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  15. You barsteward ! Another keyboard ruined by a spray of laughter induced cider !
  16. Geordie Oppo was asked by a waitress to say something in that cute accent of yours ,so he said "Miles & miles of Golden sand Whitley Bay Northumberland " she shouted out to the whole Diner & her colleagues "Hey this guys reciting poetry"
  17. HMS BLAKE - rig run San Fran USA. Woolworths social club supping bud'n'generally having a nice evening. No smoking regulations every sodding were so I sez "Just off outside for a fag". Off I trots, followed by about half a dozen lime-green shirt wearing, flared jeans and cowboy boots types who seemed to want to adopt me and take me home. One of the LRO's appeared and set me straight on what a fag was in these here parts. Had a Blue Liner, went back in and got lashed up to fuck by my new-found brown-hatter Sceptic chums all bloody night. Sceptics are a bizarre breed apart - but I don't think I've ever had a gash run ashore over the siree by golly miss molly.
  18. I am Scottish, though now with not too much of an accent. So when a sceptic says 'hey, are you from Engerland?' I obviously alwats say 'no'. The next default country they know is Australia, followed by a couple of other, before they run out of steam and general global knowledge. 'So where are you from then?' 'Scotland' ' Gee I'm part Scottish' etc etc

    Now the offensive part - do not read if easily offended but necessary for the dit -

    Alongside in San Diego for several weeks (full subbies obviously!!!) and one of our new chums on the depot ship or buddy boat says one day - 'Your niggers sound just like Brits' - that's a gen dit!
  19. In San Fran on Manchester some year back .. me and my run ashore oppo were parked up in a bar somewhere up town having a quiet drink and eyeing up the cocktail set clacker which had piled in from the adjacent office building. Striking up a conversation with a likely looking target ... sorry young lady ... she uttered "Are you Australian?" ... "No" I replied in my best British Accent ... "I'm British" and it was like a light had gone on behind her eyes ... "Gee Brits ... how did you get her" and quickly followed by "I love Brits ... do you know the Queen?" and it went down hill from then! Crawled back on board the following morning.
  20. MG - Global 86?................

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