Septics: Don't rely on the Brits during a battle!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by thingy, Jan 6, 2009.

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  1. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    It's not the troops, it's that they have been starved of kit, particularly helicopters, by a Govt that has money to burn for the undeserving (but ZanyLiabour-voting) but WILL NOT properly finance Defence, with consequences that will be with us for decades. Meanwhile the uS might like to ask the Spanish, for instance, to come along instead?
  2. It is embarrassing to say the least, our involvement in Afghanistan has brought to light a lot of deficiencies in our airlift capabilities and to conduct missions properly kitted (Dutch leopard tanks for one). So we are now purchasing on the fly...(which is far more expensive then buying for the future)... :hockey:
  3. Weve been trying to punch above our weight for years but none more so since these Labour tossers got in, as an aferthought popped in Waitrose on my way home fom work tonight they give you a green token to put in one of three clear tubes and they will donate money to the chosen charities the lowest pile was for SSAFA says a lot really.
  4. Also bear in mind that the Septics don't follow our reasoning on how counter insurgency ops should be conducted. Contrast Malaya with Vietnam.

    I doubt there are many on this Forum who don't understand the problems and the root causes but it won't make any difference where it matters; the Treasury, the Cabinet Office and the MoD Centre Bohnenmeisters.
  5. It echoes an article by Michael Portillo -

    Web Page Name

    I'm interested in people's thoughts on this one. I don't think either article pays enough credit to the fighting spirit and bravery of our troops and troopesses, but I for one think there is a fairly rich vein of defeatism bubbling under the surface in this country now. What I thought was a temporary blip due to the highly contentious (even when viewed objectively) reasons for the war in Iraq, seems to be developing into a full blown 'Afghanistan is not winnable' view in the media.

    Or is simply that our political leaders are the ones without the will to fight, rather than the British people?

    Having said that, you could argue that our political leaders have no will to fight because there are no votes in defence. What does that then say about the electorate?

    So - are we as a nation becoming defeatist or is it our leaders who are truly the spineless ones? What are the Americans driving at in supposedly criticising our performance thus far?

    Answers on a postcard please.......
  6. As a new "septic", but of course really a feckin Janner, I view with great sympathy Obamas thought re a previous post said, he is possible the first of a new generation of Politicos that have no special ties with Yurp anymore...........and the Brandenburg showwas an example of that and was a signal that he is looking at new, New Berlin rising from the ashes of WW2.

    I voted for the bugger so best he holds his end of the bargain!

  7. Hi Neighbo(u)r

    I thought Janners be from Deb'n, but Cousin Jack is from t'other side of Tamar :thumright:

    So you were a Jacker and now you are a Cracker..... LOL

    PS I raised money and voted for BaracktotheFuture too - let's keep our fingers crossed.

    Kernow Kelsa


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