September 2nd

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Shrewsmatelot, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. Any one else joining on 2nd Sept?
  2. Worried you might be on your own? I wouldn't - there will be plenty of people around looking as lost as you will. Good luck and enjoy.

  3. Not worried i will be on my own, just not sure what to expect, kind of anxious. not long now. Thanks anyway. How did you find basic training?
  4. Turned left off the Torpoint Ferry, got on the bus and there it was.

  5. Seriously though - so bloody long ago I can't remember. Kept my head down, listened to what I was being told, checked everything twice and just got on with it. Soon passes and then before you know it, you've made a career of it.

    Wonderful stuff. I'm enjoying every minute of it.

  6. :toilet: Torpoint Ferry, ditto a bus, main gate, treated very nicely thankyou on day one, signed on then at 0500 the following morning the fun started.

    Soon settled in, never been so scrubbed clean in my whole life, lots of brand new kit to wear, scrub, clean & iron, three square meals a day plus Naafi visits, never felt so fit and well, slept like a log .............. when I got the opportunity.

    I was 15 at the time and a lot of it was a blur, your older than that and should be in a better position to get stuck in and enjoy it. Good luck. :money: :toilet: :tp: :threaten:
  7. :rendeer: :dwarf: :toilet: Raleigh used to have a bit pool of shite which congealed in a big pond at the bottom of what used to be the Jennie Wrens wooden huts, the assault course was also there and you used to have to pull yourself, when totally fcked over this rope over the pond which apparently contained all kinds of crap from the Jennies block including 'Jam Rags' and the like, got a face full of the stuff when the fckin PTI threw a Thunder Flash into the pond right underneath me, not too pleasant and of course, I ended up in the Pond. Don't think that pond is there anymore. Don't suppose you'll be marching about in oilskins either ! HB :rambo: :thanks:
  8. I remember that bit of bloody rope well. Doing the assault course one cold horrible day back in 1966, pulling myself along it half bloody dead with that great big 303 slung over your sholder, thunder flashes as you say. So bloody knackered fell of wright at the end no energy left the instructor pulled me out bloody drowning.

    Great memories turn back the clock.

    Best of luck.

    :thumright: :thumright: :thumright:
  9. As has been said many times on these pages.

    Get Fit now, at least do a daily run.
    Buy a good steam iron and learn how to use it.
    Start cleaning shoes daily try a bit of spit and polishing
    Do your own or family washing learn what not to mix together
    It has all been said on these pages before by people who have done it very recently.

    Now you get in there and have fun but beware of the evil alcohol and loose women/men who abound where sailors are found. Remember save yourself for marriage and practice your faith daily as we all did in our first few years of service. It was hard being sixteen/seventeen in Singapore but someone had to do it and like you will be, I was one of the chosen ones.


    dominicfrasershaw just remember tongue and cheek
  10. Hornblower

    Not that marching in oilskins put on backwards, wearing the respirator, tin helmet and small pack with four bricks inside??????????????????????????


    Do not worrry we think that it is not allowed anymore under the "Cruelty to New Recruits Act 2001" and the EC "DO NOT SHOUT LOUDLY AT MY BOY LEGISLATION 1998"
  11. :toilet: :pukel: :money: (Not that marching in oilskins put on backwards, wearing the respirator, tin helmet and small pack with four bricks inside??????????????????????????)
    Nutty, sounds like you had fun !!! I think they must have cut some of that out before this poor sprog joined up in '71. All I remember is freezing horizontal fckin rain over that parade ground, fckin freezing cold, blue hands, red nose, no fckin blood running in me nut as me cap was too fckin tight, some CPO (GI) calling me all the cnuts under the sun cause I came from Guzz and my Mother must have shagged all the Matelots and Bootnecks for miles, fantastic fun, some ******** sceaming 'Oi You, Fckin double' whenever you walked anywhere near the parade ground and of course, the dreaded Judge routine ......................... fun times. HB :money: :tp:
  12. Good advice, be the grey man for the first couple of weeks until you find your feet.
  13. No the fun started when your seriously upset them and dressed as described would drag a field gun up and down Laundry Hill all afternoon. 1961/2


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