Separation of six years.


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Separation from first wife broke our marriage , can not imagine what it is like for youngsters like the one in this article.


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Maybe I am being a bit dim, but what support would the teenagers be looking for?


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Poor little thing. My father was a Master Mariner in the Merch and between me being born and joining the mob at 17, he was away a shedload more than 6 years.

I survived.


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Support for RN children has improved, although I think that the going can be easier for those who live in MQs, as they generally have the companionship of other teenagers in the same situation and access to activities at RN Community Centres. I've sometimes heard from families who live a long way from bases that they feel forgotten and neglected.

The Service Pupil Premium is available to children's schools, it's not much though and how it is spent is sometimes a matter of contention.

There can be extra financial support from organisations like the RNRM Children's Fund and the Royal Naval Benevolent Trust.

Children/teens who find the going really difficult have access to the special RN RM Relate provision.

Some families receive vouchers from the ships to allow them to go to somewhere like a theme park and the ships also organise family days.

Teenagers who like outdoor activities can apply for the Annington Challenge, which looks like great fun.

The situation for the children of RN personnel has improved in the last few years, with increasing awareness of the difficulties of their particular situation. Some manage really well, others find coping really difficult, though, like the young woman in the video.


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Being separated from my kids was what finally ended my RN career. Even when I'd only been away a month or so I seemed like a stranger to them on my return and it also cracked me up having to leave them and not be around to see them grow up. I know lots of service families have had the same experience and successfully dealt with it but it was never going to work form me or my wife.


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My eldest had left school and joined up himself whilst I was serving and we both left the mob the same year!

My youngest was 16 when I left,.

They both turned out alright but that was down to their excellent mother as I was away for months.

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