Sentencing to reflect prison overcrowding

According to the BBC the government is planning to introduce a bill to set up an "independent" Sentencing Commission the purpose of which is to set national sentencing guidelines. This is sensible in view of inconsistent sentencing practice, but the BBC also suggests that prison terms may be adjusted to reflect the dearth of prison places rather than reflect the seriousness of the crime.


For more information see below.

[...] A Sentencing Commission would monitor and assess all the
drivers of prison population – including sentencing practice, release
and recall practice, changes to existing processes and new policy,
including legislation;

Stronger protection of personal information from unlawful or
accidental disclosure.


The Sentencing Commission Working Group published its consultation
paper ‘A Structured Sentencing Framework and Sentencing
Commission’ on 31 March. It is available at

If you would like to comment on these proposals, you can do so at
[email protected] by the closing date of
2 June
. The consultation takes forward one of the recommendations
made by Lord Carter of Coles in his Review of Prisons (Ministry of
Justice, December 2007).


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