Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Reservist-Monkey, May 18, 2006.

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  1. Certain people in our beloved organisation seem to struggle with promotion.

    What's the most senior person in unit in terms of years (no names please).
  2. Lt with a seny sometime in 1989
    2 AB1's who where AB's on the MSF's (ie Pre 1993)
  3. There's a couple of those on the navy list, and no I am not busy today.
  4. Know of an AB who had his GC stripe when he went to raleigh. That has to be a record for NE duration.
  5. Would that be Jack Hawkins?
  6. I'm certain I saw a three badger (complete with medals) transferring to a Supply branch, and who had the Class Leader hook sometime in the early 60s.
    No black cat either (nor rum fumes as I was a baby sailor then) :!:
  7. A Chief just retired from one of the southern RU's who was a Chief when the CO joined up in the 1970s!

    There are many casualties of the restructuring of 1994 still around who lost rates (PO to AB in at least 2 cases I know of) on transfer to other specs.
  8. I joined the RN at 16 in 1969 and left in 1980 having reached the dizzy heights of PO. I then joined the RNR at 36 in 1989. I went to Raleigh as a NE 2 Badge OD in 1990. I left the RNR when I was 47 but missed it so much I rejoined at 48. I am now 53 years old, a LS Comms(SM) and will be until they throw me out when I reach the age of 55 in 2007. There is no doubt that it has been a large part of my life and that I will miss it so very much when I have to leave for good.
  9. That's not the bloke who'd been an RAF ordnance tech before goign to Raleigh, by any chance?

  10. Name escapes me right now. All I know is that he is a good shot and when he went to Raleigh he had his chit for GC stripe and Marksman. Problem was the taylors put his marksman badge on the wrong sleeve (wet myself when I saw that).
  11. could this be the same chap i saw in nos 1's after a competition in holland. He did the get p*ss taken out of him, badges on wrong arm schollboy error. He took around 6-7 years to get to raleigh to complete NE training. Laid back type eh!!
  12. Aye Bisley, same chap.
  13. I was at Raleigh with him!

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