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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by AndyRN, May 7, 2016.

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  1. Good morning all,

    A first time post, but an avid reader of the forums.

    AIB passed and currently discussing options with the RA in relation to BRNC start date.

    So... I'm looking for anyone's advice and top tips from their time at Dartmouth as an SUY.

    Many thanks
  2. I went through BRNC as an SUY in 2012 when we were first integrated with the grads. Although there have been further changes to SUY training since then, fundamentally the key to making the most of it will be the same I imagine.
    The key is to treat it like you would SRLC; play the game and throw yourself into it. The people that struggle are the ones that can't or won't do that. There have been a couple of SUYs that have gone into it thinking that there's nothing for them to learn and it's a waste of their time. A couple have been back classed too.
    In truth some of the training you get is unnecessary for an experienced Senior Rate, but some of it is both useful and/or interesting. You shouldn't underestimate the effect your attitude can have on the young cadets either.

    For me it was a bit like LRLC and SRLC. I enjoyed most of it, and sucked it up and got on with the bits I didn't.

    Driving a picket boat on MARL is a lot of fun. IMF is honking in your forties though.
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  3. Thanks for the reply. I've had similar advice so again, thanks for backing that up!

    I've been a chief for a number of years so I'm taking the tact that it is the next progression from SRLC.

    Any interesting advice on Dartmouth in general, from an SUY perspective... Even just interesting little details would be greatly appreciated.

    And yeah haha I can honestly say some parts of it... And the phys aren't necissary going to be my favourite parts in terms of being a little bit older!
  4. As a reporting Officer on a series of SUYs, I'd suggest that a) you keep your eye on the prize (BRNC is nothing but a series of hoops to jump through), b) don't underestimate how much you will be looked up to by the direct entry Officers and c) work out if the Retirement Age 55 thing is going to impact you. If it is, work out exactly what your branch needs from you to make a successful application. Getting to 55 vice 50 means quite a lot in pension and pay terms.
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    A few years back now, but I remember visiting BRNC with a bunch of URNU students and meeting-up with a bunch of former CPO's (mostly WE's) who had made the transition. I knew about four or five from former drafts we collectively shared.

    I made the mistake of asking: 'How's it going, fellas?' Jeez, twenty minutes later & they were still queueing-up to drip about how awful it all was, bless. The most common drip? "Zero recognition or respect due to our former service".

    Not sure what they expected, to be honest. But, one thing I would say is over the years I've met a handful of them as they steadily progressed through the ranks. All of them impressed me with their achievements. I've asked each, many times over the years: 'Any regrets?' None whatsoever, not one.
  6. Thabk you for the post Ninja... I guess that is a natural reaction to have, however I'm taking the opinion that I'm moving on to a new job, starting at the bottom. I'll take as it comes and try and get the most out of it all!
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  7. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    My suggestion is that thinking of it as a new job will really help you when you go to leave the Service as it reminds you of what it feels like to be new again.

    Accept BRNC is a total game, and try not to be 'this one time at sea camp' and you'll be fine - the new officers will look up to you, and you can really inspire and help shape their attitude to the service. Treat this as a chance to mould junior officers around you to be the people you'd want them to be if you were still a JR/SR.
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  8. That's sensible advice I think P_T... It is a new job really, it's in the service but my role and responsibilities as well as my sphere of influence will change dramatically!

    Whilst it's a terrible saying I know exactly what you mean, it is a game to play.

    RE ninjas post, whilst I can see some taking the attitude that they've got some deserved level of respect having served, I'm not sure I completely agree. I do however agree that you have resoonsibilty to pass on your knowledge to the direct entrants whom will inevitably look up to you. I've never been a lover of elevenareef dits etc... Well before the fridge is open anyway!

    Thank you for the post.
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  9. What branch are you going for?
  10. It will still be them and you,sadly.
    AFO1/56 introduced the Special Duties designation for those promoted from the Lower Deck. Promotion was restricted to Commander. Their Lordships had ordered that SD was to be embossed on their jacket buttons.
    The Daily Mirror thought little of this class distinction and lobbied for that aspect to be removed. Their Lordships feared that young looking accentless Council House Grammar school boys might be mistaken for the
    sons of Admirals by the wives and girl friends of the High Falutin' rather than the Hoi Polloi.
    April 1 1999 saw the introduction of the Three Tier Commission. SD being replaced by SUY and SCC. promotion to Captain is now possible but in the Mess you will ever be ex SUY or SCC if you're a Bootneck
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  11. Just get in, do your utmost and help the weaker ones. The respect will come afterwards when you'll have to prove yourself at sea all over again. Best of luck and remember the old adage, "Nix carborundum decendus illegitami." :cool:
  12. A mock-Latin aphorism
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  13. This is based on what evidence exactly? I would personally refute that having served very recently on the front line.
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  14. Yes, but when you can't remember what happened yesterday, 40 years ago seems recent!
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  15. Think how long it took to have SD Commanders to be referred to as Commander RN instead of Commander (SD) RN. Presumably both Commanders and Captains risen from the ranks will be afforded anonymity in the future--We will see.
  16. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    roughly 30% of the officer corps are upper yardies and 100% are no longer fighting a class war.
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  17. We have seen. At one point on my last boat almost half the wardroom were UY/SUY, including both HODs and the CO, who was certainly not referred to as Commander (SD).

    I realise that part of your raison d’être may be just to try and get a rise out of people, but on the off chance that you genuinely believe your comments I would suggest you get to grips with the fact that the world moves on and times change.
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  18. It is so good to hear this.
    Perhaps the RN of today is better than the RN of 30+ years ago after all
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  19. Complete and utter bollocks!
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  20. Well someone is, otherwise promotion wouldn't be limited to Captain/ Colonel for SUY and SCC entrants
    Still one rule for them--- despite your premise there is no class distinction.

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