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Well actually two questions.
Firstly, if one were to sit and pass the AIB, then successfully complete one's time at BRNC, what's the score with your pay, assuming you were SUY. I understand you can't take a pay drop so is it a case of marking time or do you actually take a pay increase?
Secondly, as I understand it (and I may be mistaken) SR's who are commissioned assume the rank of S/Lt on commissioning and WO's assume the rank of Lt. What is the score now with WO2?
Before anyone asks why I don't just ask my DO/UPO, I'm on Post Det leave and will be for a few weeks longer yet, I was thinking of putting myself forward as a CW candidate but there are a few unanswered questions I have before I decide.

Thanks in advace for any help
As a SUY CW candidate I can advise that alfred is incorrect on both!
SUY officers have their own pay scale which has at least 15 incremental levels. Your time as a rating determines the level on which you start.

I as a higher pay band PO, with 13 years service (at the time I looked at the figures a couple of years ago) was looking at an approximately £25 a day pay rise on commissioning.

Regarding rank on commissioning, all SUY officers commence BRNC as Lieutenant, with ex WO1 receiving additional seniority.

If you have any questions feel free to PM me outside this forum, letting me know yr exact circumstances (rate, branch, educational qualifications etc) and I can let you know the specifics of the route you'd have to take


The Communicator is not quite correct. SUY enter BRNC as Sub Lieutenants with the exception of former WO1 or SUY's entering the TM or IS specialisation. You are then promoted to Lieutenant the day after passing out. A DCI published in 2004 gives all the details.
As far as pay is concerned the Armed Forces Pay Review contains a table for Officer Commissioned from the Ranks. This will give you your starting pay at BRNC.


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Communicator has got it spot on. WRT leaving BRNC as a Lt, the regs changed a couple a years back (2003?) and, allowing for past experience, now means that all SUYs become Lt's o/c BRNC. WO1's get a little extra for their endeavours. Think this might also apply to WO2's in some way.

Re the pay - bloomin marvelous. Nice initial hike plus 15 annual increments with normal annual pay rises to boot. Makes it all worthwhile.
Right, I was incorrect re the SUY seniority - all SUY will enter BRNC as a Lt, with substantive or selected WO1's gaining an extra years seniority to recognise their experience. My bad.

Pay - 8748 states that SUYs will enter the Officer Corps on an Initial Commision, and makes no note regarding your pay situation. From speaking to the UYs I know, they remained on a "mark time" rate of pay (with an annual increment and any appropriate pay rises) until their Officer pay band had caught up. There is no reason (in my mind) to think that this doesn't apply to SUYs. The "Officers promoted from the Ranks" pay table more than likely is applicable to the Army and those listed at the note, who are not on Officer T&Cs but on their own T&Cs.

What we really need is a Wtr to take charge and give us the dit according to the Pay Regs!


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That's great alfred (pardon the pun)
Not being in a position to check up just yet, I'm grateful for your effort. Thanks very much shippers.

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