Senior Service Medical Officer Review

Hi guys,

Sorry for a fairly non-important question (I'm just impatient).

So basically I previously had grommets in my ears, and one had caused a perforation which had been repaired. There was also earwax in the ear (something which I understand is a common issue). So they sent off for further medical records, and I had the wax cleared and then had the repeat hearing test, all of which was fine.

However, there was scarring in the ear, and the Capita Doctor said that there was no guidance on this, so had to refer it to the Senior Service Medical Officer (SMOSE?). Slightly frustrating as I did fine on the hearing test, and there were no other issues at all.

The Doctor seemed to think it would be fine, but its been over a month and I haven't heard anything. So I was wondering if anyone has been through this and can advise on how long it typically takes. @angrydoc or @Ninja_Stoker , maybe you might have an idea?


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I'm surprised this has gone as far as the Senior Medical Officer (Service Entries) - SMO(SE) to be honest.

Usually, if the hearing test is OK and the tympanic membrane intact, you are good to go. The only thing I can think of, that maybe needs clarification, is if the scarring may leave recurrence or infection more likely - or if your chosen job involves changes in atmospheric pressure, such as submariner, aircrew or diver.

Either way, SMO(SE) can take a while to come back with a decision but the good news is that the medical staff dealing with referrals has recently tripled - hopefully that'll mean a speedy response.

Best o'luck.
Thank you, I was also surprised to hear that it had been escalated. It seems a lot of time spent when hearing and membrane was fine.

I'm applying for Medical Officer, so no pressure stuff at all! (Although potentially could be placed on a submarine)

So hopefully it shouldn't be too long? Is it worth ringing the AFCO to check that they haven't heard anything, or will that just annoy them/waste their time?


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Generally, when it gets referred to SMO(SE), the applicant finds out the outcome either before or at the same time as the AFCO because a letter is sent to the applicant and AFCO simultaneously.

You could call your AFCO but they are unlikely to be in a position to chase anything unfortunately.