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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by angry_mac, Jul 23, 2007.

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  1. Right who has ever used this or seen anyone use this on Percy or Crabfat, as a direct statement and not in banter. When Ive seen matelots use it Ive just wanted to crawl up under the nearest rock .First time I was aware of this one upmanship was when my mate from school who joined the siggies quoted it to me.
    I know we are an island nation but why is the RN the so called Senior Service, surely they were lobbing spears, before getting into boats and lobbing spears.
  2. It's because the RN belonged to the crown from it's inception. In early days armies were formed and paid for by noblemen who would use them to fight for the monarch (or against) in times of need. Eventually the crown took over responsibilty for the army. as the birds of the air refused to join the RAF was not formed till much later.
  3. In reality the concept of a navy wholly funded and operated by the state only really came into being with the Stuarts, up till then in general the crown owned some ships but the bulk of any fighting force tended to be STUFT. One or two of the Pre Norman kings did maintain big fleets but they were the exception rather than the rule. The loss of the Frenck lands was very much down to the lack of a proper naval force in England. The vast bulk of the fleet that fought the Armada was in reality private.

  4. However it is generally understood that King Alfred (the infamous baker & burner of cakes) is known as the founder of the Royal Navy.
  5. But inaccurately, that story is down to his spin machine, the high point of Anglos Saxon naval power preceded him, it was on it's sorry slide to the Hasting debacle by the time Alf b*ggered up the cakes
  6. Maxi_77 you have an interesting point about the fleet that faced the Armada being largely private----could this be the way forward? (Only joking).
    More seriously, comparison of adjectives, if the RN is senior this implies only 2 services, which was true for a long time, there are however now 3 services, so that must make the RAF seniormost!

    I like throwing cats amongst pigeons!
  7. Thas because a snotty doesnt hold the Queens Commission.
  8. Have attend a mess dinner before while at a JSSU, it was an RSM's dining in so a formal dinner. A CPO and SSGT had exactly the same seniority date however, due to the RN being the Senior Service the CPO was seated closer to the top table. That came from the RSM too not the matelots!
  9. Totally agree with you.
  10. Quite frankly, who gives a fcuk! :bootyshake:
  11. I always thought it was because of Noah and his big mean it was Alfred....all this time.......[​IMG] I've been misled...
  12. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Wizard row with the Crabs in Bermuda 1964. Just because they were having a Battle of Britain march they wanted to head it. Successfully put back in their box by 4-ring captain, second cousin to God.

    Ironically there then came a hurricane and we had to clear out & missed the parade altogether.
  13. Didn't Queen Victoria play a part in saying that the RN were the senior service? Because of her beloved Albert?

    And anyway - without the RN, it would've been difficult to name them fags...
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I'm rather surprised anyone on this site has to query the origins of the Senior Service or indeed it's relevance.

    Whenever you work in a tri-service environment, it becomes painfully apparent that there has to be an order of precedence. Rightly or wrongly it's been the Navy's turn for the last several hundred years.

    In my experience, much as I greatly respect the Army, they do have a tendency to try & ride roughshod over the other services for three main reasons:

    1) There's more of them
    2) They shout louder
    3) They shout louder still if they don't get their own way

    For those reasons alone, it is important that the Royal Navy exists to irritate, correct & deliver the shouty people at roughly the designated venue, give or take, around about the right day & with the minimum fuss.
  15. I always understood it was founded as we know know it under the reign of King John. The Cinque ports had to supply ships and crew to serve the Crown, and he was the first to demand that foreign ships must salute his first in the narrow seas, I have it somewhere , I`ll try and find it if i can and post it page by page.
  16. Whatever the historical reasons it matters less and less these days when our boys and girls are increasingly wearing CS95 and have feet planted firmly on terra firma, sandpit or elsewhere. Insurgents and their bullets are not particular as we all look the same to them.

  17. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Taking it one step further, it would be true to say that regardless of dress, age, gender, religion or status that insurgents/terrorists in mainland Britain do not differentiate when they explode their bombs either.
  18. It's just a matter of precedence, and I too find it tedious as a debating point with pongos. No-one thinks less of the SAS because they come behind all other infantry regiments...

    That said, in matters of ceremonial, it should be done by the book. That means crabs at the arse end where they belong :)
  19. That's why they (Army and Air force) salute with an open hand--No weapon concealed there-- Sailors are permitted an enclosed one and remain seated to toast the monarch. There is a difference.

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