Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Navy1, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. As I stood in the rain today on Royal Soverign Avenue for the departure of Cdre Nance from Naval service I was struck by the genuine affection that people seemed to have for him. The ripple of applause that spread through the SRs and Officers was illustrative of this and it struck me as strange that a talented officer who has had numnerous drives should not have got his flag. I dont want to turn this into a debate over his career and encourage speculation on why he did not get promoted, just highlight my slight depression that the Navy is able to say goodbye to such talented people ..... I will be interested to see the next round of Cdre to Flag appointments because it must mean they are better then Cdre Nance. Seems a hard act to follow and doesnt say much for career prospects frankly.
  2. Dont they go into markering??
  3. I think it might be because of an indiscretion in Russia, invlving industrial quantities of vodka

    Shame, he was a great man to work for
  4. Top bollocks bloke, served under him twice. However, don't believe that he was shunted sideways, many Senior Officers choose not to take up further Flag promotions because they have something else planned. Believe me, he is held in high regard by people far higher than him, and yes, he has upset some others, but professionally he is considered one of the best.

    The court martial that Sailbad is alluding to is one of the first things that he tells you about when he meets you - he also tells you that he was stitched up by a fellow junior officer that he has since overtaken in the career stakes, and felt that everything fell back into place when the snitch was required to pay a courtesy call on him as Nance was the Senior Naval Officer in port.
  5. Send him to us. We have some ensign jobs for our allies like wiping down the steering and refreshing the 7th Fleet Admiral's best-in-the-world coffee.
  6. Ah - American Pride. Supporting the only Navy in the world which has been subjected to a mass brainwashing technique leading them to believe they are the best.

    Stick to renting out your ships for Cher videos - when it comes to war-fighting, your application of "biggest stick wins" is proven to fail to pay dividends.
  7. MODs - can we apply an Oxygen Thief avatar to this Troll please?
  8. The best quote was when HMS Manxman (A Fast Minelayer) met the Yank 7th Fleet in the Med:

    Yanks' signal - How's the second biggest fleet in the World?
    Manxman's signal - Fine. How's the second best?
  9. I find it enormoulsy irritating that sensible discussion is disrupted by banality. AP - If you have nothing constructive to add to the debate then go away and play with people that have a similiar abysmal intellect and immaturity to yourself. Your presence in this forum and the others that you insist on infesting with your presumed wit is unwelcome
  10. Back to the thread....although Navy1 I wholeheartedly agree.

    So Cdre Nance is now a Mr?
    Gutted. My first skipper on the Cardiff and a finer man you could not wish to meet. The shortage of Officers like him is one of the reasons that caused me to jump ship and join the Crabs.
    Sir, you'll be missed and the RN will be a far far worse place for your absence.
  11. You have to accept such behaviour in Diamond Lil's - they let anyone in - even us!

    Seems to me you are capable of putting this wind-up merchant in his place
  12. Firstly - Yanks, dont ya just love 'em ;-)

    Cdre Nance was indeed a great man and shame he has left the service not having attained a flag rank. Very much a people person and could spin a good dit when required (Russian one is great) He also tells a good one when he was the skipper of the Ark a few years ago.

    If you do happen to read this Sir, all the very best to you for the future. I am sure you will be moving onto to much better things. Just a pity you could not have taken a few of the dross with you. ;-)
  13. :evil: Where do we find these monkeys? Tell you what AP, just bugger off and sort the mess in your own country and then offer good men a job. How's New Orleans this week? Last time I looked you totally fucked up the place and left all the poor people to die. Call that the American Dream? I call it ******* useless incompetence...
  14. That was in the 50's and it was Dicky Mountbattens reply to them.
  15. Agreed - he's a great bloke, which is why (IMHO) that the "wet weather routine" (cancellation of CLD) didn't occur, despite the almost biblical weather - all wanted to say goodbye to this genuinely nice, but supremely effective, man. I'll wear foulie bottoms next time though - I was sodden from the thighs down. And not in a nice way!
  16. Cdre Nance is being dined out shortly by 2SL, and a high-value guest list, which shows that he is held in high respect by many. I am led to believe that he is leaving for his own reasons, and is not being pushed or passed over.
  17. PS - seeing as you are 'in the know' maybe you can draw Cdre Nance's attention to this thread .... standfast that Moron from America and his pathetic wit .....the Cdre may be quite touched to see what people have written
  18. yep top bloke i was on the ARK with him. nuff said!
  19. And to think that I once thought that Americans possessed a sense of honour and good manners!

  20. My old Skipper on Revenge ended up as British Ambassader in China!!

    Top Bloke he was as well. Cdr Farr was his name as far as I remember .

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