Senior moment memory malfunction.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by jesse, Jun 22, 2010.

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  1. :( Hartlepool early 1956, there was a pub,I can see it now there was a Camerons Ales sign across the door way and enterence was up a flight of stairs. It ticked all the right boxes;-EG- sexy barmaids good beer,bad company, loose women, a juke box, brown hatters and comic singers. Most of the clients looked as if they were on day release from the ward prior to care in the community :!: One such rejoiced in the name Jimmy the Murderer.: :roll: I gave my liver and kidneys some serious workouts there. :p And now I cannot remember the fcuking name of the place :?Can anyone help :?: Does the Alma ring a bell with any one :?:
  2. 1956! 'Kin ell, you really are senior, even my some of my Grandparents weren't even of drinking age then.
  3. Sounds very much like the bar at HMS Terror sports ground.
  4. Hartlepool,must have been the swinging monkey :lol:
  5. Small pic of the New Alma pub in Hartlepool:

  6. That can't be Hartlepool the cars still got its wheels :D
  7. Oh yes!!... the Armada.... :) :) :) :)
  8. :p I remember that very well . Every other cnut seemed to have a pet monkey on a lead :!:
  9. You cheeky fucker, I ain't no monkey, my oppo was just pulling my tie :roll: :oops: :wink:
  10. Talking of the sports club bar in Terror (Armada club) The times I've crashed out on there after being evicted from the bar.
    Then one night about 11 pm, some bugger turned the lights on the sports fields, and the place was crawling with big orrible snakes. 8O :(
  11. Taxi, 1 Dollar, Steak banjo 1 dollar, 8 pints of tiger tops, 8 dollars, getting filled in watching Eagle v Bulwark............priceless.
  12. Fuckin hell W_M you must have been a senior rate, I only ever got egg.
    Here's a pic took in the "New Paris" working up an appetite for my humble meal. :D :D

  13. Ye Gods Sol - you have a time machine. I never thought I would see this again. Many dits in abeyance for future threads.
  14. That be it Sol, the best draft you could get then, and usually for two years. :D :D
  15. Sambewang village, Johnny Gurkha, Bugis Street, Bombay runners, Mother and daughter combo for 10 dollars.......happy times.
  16. Not forgetting, in the days before the cutting edge penicillins, the most exotic cases of galloping knobrot, that would ruin runs between Singers (outbound) and Gib, 12 months later before the final rabbits. Arriving at Guz, there would be coaches disembarking, fame having spread of your condition.
  17. Aggie Westons Royal Sailors Rest Club.


    Sols pic

    See bin there done it....
  18. Getting pissed up Bugis street grabbing a pirate fast black for one dollar back to the ville.
    give the chogi a ten dollar note , next morning wake up with nine straights dollar bills, only good for toilet paper. :D :oops:

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