sending a letter or parcel

hi all
my son as just gone on active deployment surface fleet ( whats left of it ) and i would like to know how to send him a letter or parcel if the need arose
yours thankfully
concerned dad

god speed:glasses9:


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I'll assume you know what ship/submarine he's serving on. You'll find his BFPO number here, Royal Navy Community Web site

Since it appears hes not gave you any details just put his full name, ships/boats name and BFPO(number).

It should reach him. He'll probably be telling you that he wants FHM, nuts magazines. Everybody gets them, so its better to send caravan/Landrover monthly or the old classic razzle/escort.


Send him a bag of toe-nail clippings and a used sanitary towel. That will teach the bugger for not telling you how to stay in touch!
letters and parcels

thanks for your mostly helpfull replies lol
just got a bluey off son with his contact details on it so cheers to you all=)


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When I was on the Eagle one of the lads in the mess used to get his younger brothers and sisters comics posted to him. He got the piss taken out of him when copies of Girl and Bunty appeared, however a couple of weeks without reading material saw the same piss takers reading the girls mags:laughing2:
And it'll cost you the same as posting a letter/parcel within the UK.
If deployed in certain areas, it costs less than that, as it's free. Your local Post Office should have a list of which BFPO numbers apply, though these are not always up to date in every PO.

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The news printed off a Septic millitary broadcast? sorry same thing really.
When the news every time you manage to read it off the broadcast is basically a weather report, that can be a bit tedious too, Apparently, there was a bit of snow in the UK a year or so ago.
The news printed off a Septic millitary broadcast? sorry same thing really.

The President this morning Blah Blah. The President this lunch time Blah Blah. The President this afternoon Blah Blah. The President this evening Blah Blah etc.etc.:sleepy2::sleepy::sleepy1:

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