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Discussion in 'Charity' started by sendacow, Aug 4, 2009.

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  1. Hi there - Do hope you're all well on this glorious day - Just thought I'd try and get on a opinion from you all from this charity I am involved with called Send a Cow. However, before I do i just want to give you an a quick background: The send a cow charity helps families in 9 different African countries by sending a cow to help in their farming pursuits so that the people involved can have a better quality of life from the money that they make. Have a look at the send a cow website as there is really great content so far its helped promote equality within the homes, funded children going to school, helped improve farming techniques and much more. What do you think about this cause - would love to have some opinions? Thanks for your time and if ive posted in the wrong thread - i do apologies more then happy to take it down ...God Bless x
  2. Whats happened to all the dosh Sir Bob raised and sent to them ? have they used it all up an wanting more ,and before you get on your "high up in the pulpit" head on ,YES i do give to charitys,NSPCC in the UK and a few quid here and there where i see fit to send it, even though i live and worked outside of England, :wink:

    ps no you havnt posted it in the wrong thread,this is a charity post and its in the charity thread,ok
  3. I've had a look and i think it's a superb charity, good on you. However are all sendacow employees volunteers? And who provides the agricultural training? Are these volunteers or are they paid to do so?
  4. Volunteers.

    I remember working with BTCV hedge laying there we was standing round the fire burning the off cuts it being a winters day. This prat from the big house came hurtling down "Is this what I pay my taxes for you lazy F****** to stand round a fire all day" He was informed only the ranger is on pay. It takes a lot to volunteer to work for naff all. From the "volunteering to work is fine but the pay is crap" from a prat claiming unemployment benefit.

    Mant volunteers abroad fund themselves part of there Uni course of course a few may be on big pay. I remember the ranger informing me one day that the head of RSPB was/is on megga bucks. One of the reasons I now work in conservation here in Ireland is they actually go out and do it away from the maddening crowds. And what a fine bunch they are.

    In charity we will always have the takers and the givers.

    A question I have always asked myself is why do we view food supplies from the USA stating "A Gift from the People Of The USA" Yet when the food is sent from the Britain it states "A Gift From The British Govt" Could it be the hard working members of Parliament dig deep in their pockets and actually fund these food supplies themselves??
  5. A former boss of mine springs to mind. They can have her; gladly.
  6. Hey there - I thank you all for the great input ... I think in response to some of your questions --- all Charities will have a very minimal expenditure so yes I would imagine that send a cow would need to pay for some aspects of the charity so that they can grow and still exist e.g. the people who provide expertise in agriculture farming/training to provide knowledge to those farmers who know nothing and want to get involved. These training methods will ultimately provide them with a better service to the carry on the Pass-It On Principle (whereby a farmer will give the off-spring of his/her cow to another family that can benefit from the cause) There is a large section on the send a cow website whereby volunteers who want to get involved can easily sign up to help - I am sure they would be pushing that route as all the monies placed in should be for the benefit of the farmers and animals.

    Its great Norwaychris that you give to charity - to some extent I am so glad that animal related charities are standing at the forefront - we do need to think of them ... suppose it comes naturally to me because I am an animal lover. Thanks again for your thoughts (
  7. sendacow,money on its way as i write this ,good luck you old ferker you, :D

  8. Mooooooooooooooo.

    ps I will look at tweetacow later,busy boxing , :D
  9. Thanks Chris ... Up to much this weekend? Actually who in here likes Gardening?
  10. Hey all ... Do hope all is well? Just thought to those of you who have helped the Send a Cow Charity - I would keep you updated with what the Charity are now doing:

    Its called 'Read to Feed' and this is a little a bit about it in six steps-
    1. Children choose books to read from the sendacow children's site and then invite a 'Send a Cow Ambassador' to come and speak about the charity's work (
    2. Children are given bookmarks to encourage a sponsorship and continue reading
    3. Continued reading will earn the children stickers for their bookmarks to show progress. Teacher's can get materials from a site dedicated to them called
    4. Children collect their sponsorship money and match it to help what we give in africa using
    5. Children send the money in and they will receive a thank you certificate and we send you one too.
    6. The money gets to work straight away to help families grow enough to eat, have an income and protect their environment.

    *Just one book can start a whole chain of giving.... Hope you can spread the word on behalf of me to possibly your children's schools. What do you think about the new avenue we are taking to change a family's future? I personally feel that it's great because not only do we help people in Africa but the charity also do everything that they can for children and people here in the UK which I think is quite admirable....

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